Mary-Catherine and Cody

How We Met

For those reading this in Boston, you don’t need to be reminded of the brutally cold winter we had in January 2015. Everyday had to be -10 degrees and the snow kept piling up. But that wouldn’t stop my coworkers and me from going out on January 8th to celebrate a coworkers last week. It also wouldn’t stop Cody from going out to drinks with his friend Thomas to catch up after Thomas’ trip to London. **Side note — the bar they were originally going to was closed due to the pipes freezing. Everything happens for a reason they say :) Thinking we were funny, we decided to bring Brittany (the coworker leaving) to the the dive of all dives in Boston, Coogans. Dollar beers, sticky floors and good music. All the makings for a good night out. Upon arriving my friend and coworker, MJ, had heard these “two guys singing country music” at the bar — a thing you don’t often find here in Boston. Brittany (another country music fan) ran over to them and struck up conversation and disappeared for a majority of the night. Now I should preface, I lived in New Hampshire at the time and my friend, MJ also lived north of the city, so it was getting to the point in the night where I was looking to leave to drive us home. While getting ready to leave… snow boots, floor length puffy coat and winter hat on, Brittany ran over begging me to ask “those guys” if one of them would two-step with her. Begrudgingly and only because it was her last week in the office, I schlepped myself over, snow boots, puffy coat and all over to “those guys.” Tapping the taller of the two on the shoulder, I asked if he would be willing to two-step with my friend. Smiling and speaking in a Texas drawl, he said he’d love too. At this time, the second guy popped his ahead around his friend’s shoulder and said something to the degree of “Well then you have to two-step with me!” And at that point… all bets were off. This “guy” who I would soon learn to be Cody, was extremely handsome, had piercing blue eyes, and a Southern accent to make any Northern girl swoon. He decided to walk over with me to the DJ stand to request Pat Green’s “Take Me Out to A Dance Hall.” Not knowing who Pat Green was or what two-stepping entailed, I went along for the ride and am so glad I did. As you can see from the photo below, captured by MJ, I clawed the hell out of this guy Cody’s back while he twirled me around Coogans dance floor. I’m not one to believe in love at first sight, but boy his dance moves were enough to make me weak in the knees. After feeling like Belle being twirled around the dance floor and a few Y’alls thrown into the conversation, we nervously looked at one another when I said I had to get going. That’s when he asked me for my number and I can’t even tell you how nervous I was. So nervous in fact, I could barely type my own number and name into his phone. From then on… the rest as they say is history. Our adventures are never ending. From climbing mountains to Texas A&M football games to becoming the proud pet parents of our 11-month old Golden Retriever, Maverick, we’ve done it all. Our next big adventure begins October 20, 2018 when we will be married in New Hampshire with our pup by our side.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mount Willard, NH

how they asked

It’s only fitting our proposal would be on top of a mountain. Cody is an avid hiker and since we began dating, we’ve climbed some serious elevations together. While the proposal took place Saturday of this past Memorial Day Weekend (2017), the full story starts the Wednesday leading into that weekend. We were at the Red Sox game and had ourselves a fun “Mom and Dad” night out. Feeling tipsy from too much beer, we headed to Wahlburgers for some post-game food. It was there Cody showed me a delayed flight schedule from DWF to BOS. I thought it was strange and asked if we were going to Texas for the weekend instead of New Hampshire to go camping. He said no, his two best friend, Courtney and Max, were coming into town for the weekend to go with us. Confused why it was a surprise, but excited for them to spend the weekend with us, we headed home to get Maverick and pick them up from the airport. More surprises and more suspicion came the next day when I was surprised with another (!) Red Sox game. Thinking something was up, I asked Courtney if something was going on that I should know. Not knowing anything herself, I put to bed any feelings of what could have been coming. We were supposed to leave for NH on Friday, but the weather was no cooperating, so we decided to leave first thing Saturday morning. Cody was determined to leave at 6:30AM — well after not leaving the house until 7 and then turning around because he forgot his phone (come to find out because he was so nervous!!), we were on the road for a two-hour ride to the mountains. By the time we got to our campsite and set up, it was around 12:00-12:30pm. We ate lunch and hopped in the car to Mount Willard, our first easy hike of the weekend. As we approached Mount Willard, Cody kept saying “wow there are so many people here, wow it’s so crowded.” Thinking, “ya duh, it’s Memorial Day weekend and a nice day out” I thought he was being dramatic. Come to find out, he wasn’t hoping for a crowd — and boy there was a crowd! The hike itself takes about 30-45 minutes depending on how fast you are moving — and with Maverick you move fast! As we got to the top, we said it was time for pictures. Courtney and Max went first and then it was our turn for some family photos. Cody was rummaging through his back pack (to get the ring!) and I kept saying “Hello, let’s go!” So finally, he “had to get his phone” and put his back pack back on. I said he didn’t need that for photos and he threw it down to the side (as seen below). We take a few family photos and after a few, he turns to me and can barely get any words out before getting down on one knee, tears in his eyes and asks me to marry him. There is a whole series of photos Courtney captured with our Nikon camera, but the first photo best captures how amazing that moment was. After saying yes, we turned around to applause of people on the mountain. It was amazing. Everything about it. The view, Maverick being there, our good friends there to share in that moment. The say a picture’s worth a thousand words and I think the below speaks for themselves.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mount Willard, NH