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How We Met

I was never into the bar/club scene. I preferred to hang out at home or a restaurant with good friends. I had never tried online dating but had several friends have some success with it so I figured I would give it a shot. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea so I used OkCupid. It was free and I knew a few people who had some success on it. After a few strange conversations and even weirder dates there she was. I looked at her profile several times before I messaged her. She was into horses, something I had zero knowledge about, but I just kept looking at those gorgeous blue eyes of hers. Finally I decided to take a shot and message her. The only problem was I couldn’t think of what to say. I think I typed the message 30 times before I finally hit send. In her profile she mentioned that she hung out with 8 and 9 year olds all day because she was a 3rd grade teacher. So I said “Hey there! You spend all day with 8 and 9 years old and I spend all day with 50 and 60 year olds so it’s kind of the same thing.” After I hit send and reread it I instantly wondered if that was too cheesy or if she would think I was some creep. Luckily for me she actually responded.

We talked and talked for about a week before our first date. It was crazy how fast we connected. It was like she had always been a part of my life but she had just entered it. I said that if we hung out on Easter we should have an Easter egg hunt and inside each egg would be a fact about ourselves. She agreed that would be a cool idea but who has a first date on Easter? I finally asked her out and she said yes! I was so excited but instantly started to worry about where to take her. I had several restaurants in mind but continued to find something wrong with each of them. Finally I decided to take her to my favorite taco place, La Fonda. I eagerly waited for April 9th to roll around. I felt like a little kid leading up to it. April 9th has to be one of my least productive days at work ever! All I could think about was this date. I had been on a million dates before but this one felt different. Finally 5:00 o’clock rolled around and I was off to La Fonda.

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I got there before her and anxiously waited for her to arrive. Each car that passed I thought was her even though I knew what car I was looking for. Finally the Ford Taurus I had been waiting for pulled into the parking lot. I didn’t want to be a creeper so I sat in my car waiting for her to get out. It felt like she took an hour to get out of the car so I eventually started walking over. I guess I timed it just right because after I took my first step the door opened and out stepped this gorgeous blonde that I could not take my eyes off. I felt like the luckiest man alive that night. The minute she spoke all of my nerves disappeared, it just felt right. We hardly touched our food that night because we couldn’t stop talking. Dinner went so well that we decided to see a movie after. The only problem with the movie was that we couldn’t talk during it and that’s all we wanted to do. After the movie I took her home and was trying to read the signs of whether or not to kiss her. I couldn’t not try so as we said goodbye I leaned in for what would end up being my last first kiss.

how they asked

Once I picked out the ring a million ideas began to run through my head. Each had a specific reason but each idea I thought about I had already seen a cute video of. I wanted my proposal to be special, unique, and meaningful. Then one day in the shower it clicked, I would propose on Easter via an Easter egg hunt. I remember one of our first conversations about having an Easter egg hunt to get to know one another and I thought how cool would it be if that came full circle. I instantly began planning and became more and more in love with my plan. Since we already knew each other instead of each egg being a fact about me like we discussed almost a year ago each egg would be a significant date in our relationship. Our first conversation, first date/kiss, first vacation, first I love you, when I asked her mom for her hand in marriage, and finally the day I asked her to be my wife.

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I wanted the eggs to be something we could keep and possibly display so I ordered these perfect wooden eggs. On the outside of each egg I carved the date into the side and then stained them. As I am not very handy I was very surprised at how well they turned out! Next I needed to write a little message inside each egg, nothing too long just short and sweet. Enough to bring back the memory of each amazing day.

As the day got closer rain showed up in the forecast. My heart began to sink… I could do the proposal inside but it wouldn’t be the same. Finally it was Easter and I had a hard time containing my nerves. It became even tougher when I saw that the rain wasn’t supposed to start until 2:00 pm giving me more than enough time to propose as planned. We went to church with her Uncle and his family that morning. Not only should you go to church on Easter but it also allowed plenty of time for all of her family to get there. If you knew her family you would know someone was always late and part of my plan was to have all of her family and mine there. There was a moment when I thought our secret had been spilled as her Aunt introduced me but luckily she said boyfriend instead of what her uncle, cousin, and I thought was about to come out. I felt a little bad as all I could do was stare out the window at church hoping the rain would hold off as expected. Church let out and we rushed home, I was racing against the rain and so far I was winning. When we got to her house everyone was there and there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight. She began to walk around and catch up with everyone and I began to set up. I hid a couple of eggs in the front yard that led her to the porch which was where I planned on proposing. After all the eggs were hidden I grabbed her basket and led her outside. She was instantly confused when I said “It is your turn to hunt Easter eggs!” Once we got outside I handed her the Easter basket her mother had ordered her. It was perfect, it had her favorite color cloth and her name monogrammed on it. Once she saw the basket I could tell her brain started to put all the pieces together and a tear ran down her face. While my original plan was for her to find the eggs herself emotions began to take over so I took her hand and led her to each egg. Each egg she opened brought a smile to her face as that day she was reading about played in her head. Once she finished reading the final note, tears of joy began pouring from her eyes. I remind her how happy I was that she replied to my cheesy message on April 3rd, 2015. That that day changed my life for the better and I couldn’t thank her enough. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the final egg. I got down on one knee and opened the egg and asked her to marry me. Holding back tears she said “Of course!” and pulled me up to give me a kiss and a hug.

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As we turned to see our family we saw our moms hugging and crying. Seeing them together right after the proposal was the exclamation point. Everything was perfect. No rain, all of our families there, and she said yes. I couldn’t have asked for more and neither could she. But I had two more surprises for my now fiancé. I ran inside and grabbed an envelope and handed it to her. I had RSVP to a wedding venue open house that she had looked at a million times. The last surprise she wouldn’t get until we got home that night. Once we arrived home I covered her eyes and guided her into the bedroom. She said what else could you of possibly done, and as I uncovered her eyes she saw the ring stand she had gushed over every time she saw it sitting there. That capped the perfect day and that is how I asked the woman of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me.

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