Mary-Beth and Jamie

Mary-Beth's Proposal in Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

How We Met

We technically first met when we were in elementary school. My dad worked for Jamie’s dad for a little bit and I remember riding go-carts with some boy. In high school, my mom encouraged me to take a woodshop class and that same boy ended up in my class. When we were getting to know each other, we realized I had been at his summer party riding go-carts. During high school, we dated for a little bit. Our first date was at the movies. His mom drove us and we all went to the same movie together, in the same row. He bought me my first flowers for our homecoming date and stayed good friends throughout high school.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

Throughout college, Arkansas, NC, and DC, he *never* forgot my birthday. Every year, he texted me and asked how I was. One of those times while I was in college, he asked how I was doing and I was frustrated with guys. He told me I deserved the best and any guy would be lucky to have me. When he texted me for my 25th birthday, we both happened to be single and I was coming for a visit a couple of weeks later. He asked me out (this time it wasn’t a group date haha) and gave me a tour of his house. He showed me a treehouse his dad had built for him and his brother and how he would fix it up for his own kids. In that driveway after dinner and hearing about his future, I felt like I was home. In the two years since he’s continued making me feel the way I just described. He’s loved me unconditionally, made my life fun, been there when I’m having tough days, and makes me feel like home. He said I deserved the best, and he’s given it to me.

How They Asked

This weekend he took me back to Gettysburg College for the first time since graduation for their Gettysburg Christmas festival. Honestly, I was just giddy to be back. We toured the campus, saw my coach, enjoyed the festival, and on the way out, he insisted that we take a picture before leaving in front of Penn(Sylvania) Hall. He asked me which building was my favorite and I said Penn Hall because of its symbolic meaning. When you enter campus, you walked up the steps and through the back of the building to symbolize entering campus, and for graduation, you walk up the back of the steps through the front to symbolize moving forward. After taking a selfie, he proposed and asked me to marry him in front of the building.