Mary Beth and Colby

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How We Met

Colby and I met in April of 2016 working Chick-fil-A. I was fairly new so he was assigned to train me in a new position at work one Thursday afternoon. I can remember him being very easy to talk to and fun to be around, but I don’t know that I thought anything else of it so I just kind of shrugged it off, as my oblivious instincts usually tell me to do. Colby, on the other hand, was thinking differently and went home that night to tell his mamma how he had met this girl (me) and wanted to take her on a date. It was tricky though because I was going to be leaving to spend my entire summer in California working and he wouldn’t have much of a chance to ask me on that date until months later. He was toying with the idea of waiting until I came back from the west coast and then asking me on a date or just blowing it off and forgetting about it.

Fast forward to July when I flew from California to Colorado to take some of the girls I mentor from back home to a Young Life summer camp. There were some new girls that I had never met before that came on the trip and one of them was a girl named Cailey Pennington. She and I hit it off and spent a lot of the week getting to know each other. She asked me if I knew her brother, Colby, that worked at Chick Fil A. I explained that I knew who he was but that I didn’t know much else.

The week at camp went on and nothing else was said. For all I knew, that was the end of this talk about Colby, however Cailey got back from camp and explained to her family that she had met a girl that would get along really well with Colby who also works at Chick Fil A. Colby was interested and eager to find out about this said girl, and it turns out it was me— the same girl he had wanted to take out on a date back in April! This was crazy because when he had told his mamma a while back that he wanted to take me on a date they didn’t tell anyone else about it, not even the rest of the family. It was pure coincidence!

I finished out my summer in California and returned to Georgia in August. It wasn’t long after I got back that I received a message from a boy named Colby Pennington inviting me on a date. I responded back as quickly as I could without seeming too eager or excited with a surefire “Yes!” We went on a picnic at sunset date about a week later where we hit it off and sparked interest in one another. The rest is history!!

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how they asked

Colby and I were just 4 days away from celebrating our one year anniversary, so he asked me on a date and made plans for us to go to dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant that we both love. He played it cool, as if nothing special in particular was happening that night. As far as I knew we were just celebrating our anniversary. He picked me up around 5:30 and we went to a nice dinner where we got to talk about all of our favorite moments from the past year together! During our dinner he presented the idea of going to a sweet place in town that we like to call “the sunset fields” and watch the sunset together. I responded with a “yes” and a big grin.

What else would be more perfect to finish off this night? After our dinner, we hopped in the truck and went on to see the sunset. He laid out a quilt and he sat and talked and enjoyed ourselves. This was the most picture perfect sunset I had seen in a really long time. After a few minutes of talking, he asked if we could get a picture. We stood up to take the picture (this was his clever way of having us both be standing for the proposal) and before I could sit down afterwards he told me there was something he wanted to tell me. He pulled me close and reached in his pocket for a small, brown, leather-bound journal. Written in this journal were all of his favorite moments from the last year together, things he’s learned from our relationship, and things that he hopes for in the future with us. The last line in the book said “but all of that is just not enough…”. This was the moment!!! He got down on one knee and popped the question. I could not contain my excitement! “Yes, yes, YES” I responded. And lemme just tell ya about that RING! My jaw dropped. He had arranged for a photographer to capture this moment so after the proposal we stayed around for a few more pictures. It was the sweetest moment that I still cannot quite contain. After the proposal and the pictures, we hopped in the truck and I began to question how my parents, sister, best friends, and everyone else were going to find out about this. Did they already know?? Should I call them all and tell them?? Colby was surprisingly collected during this time, telling me not to worry about telling people just yet. “They’ll find out soon enough”, he said. I was so confused because this was one of the biggest moments in our lives and I felt that people should know right away, but Colby reassured me that it would be okay and that we should give it some time. I reluctantly listened and put the phone down.

He suggested that we go to his parents house to see his family and let them congratulate us. I agreed, excited for what was to come! Little did I know that when we’d show up that all of my family, his family, and my closest friends were there to celebrate us and congratulate is. It was the most picturesque scene— the whole area was surrounded by paper lanterns and an aisle of lanterns would meet us as we pulled up to the party and got out of the car. I couldn’t help but cry the biggest happy tears!

Every single one of my favorite people were there standing in a crowd, waiting for us to arrive. They clapped and cheered and made me feel like the most lucky and loved girl in this world. The party was in a pecan orchard. String lights were strung all through the trees, lighting up the night. Everything was perfect- the table decorations, the pictures in frames, the food, and the music. It was perfect. I still cannot believe how thought out the night was. I wish I could relive it over and over again!

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