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How We Met

So long story short… My fiancé plays professional baseball and I played softball in college. We both grew up spending hours of our days in Allstars Academy, a local baseball facility in the Albany, New York area. It really was a second home to both of us growing up. Since I was around eight years old, I had always admired this baseball boy from the batting cage over. I described him to my friends as “Allstars Guy.” In my preteen days, and despite the fact that I was still terrified of boys, I always hoped that “Allstars Guy” would notice me. I mean I’m talking wishing on every 11:11 and flipping coins in fountains kind of hope. I just had the typical overly dramatic childhood crush on him. When we were around 15 years old, he started noticing me too (eh-em puberty finally kicked in) and he reached out to me. We swapped phone numbers and the rest is history! Nearly seven years later and “Allstars Guy” (now better known as Will) is my fiancé, best friend, and biggest supporter in life. So I get to say that I’m marrying the man of my dreams and truly mean it!

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how they asked

Within the last year, my fiancé and I have moved down to Orlando, Florida for my work. We were visiting home for the week of Thanksgiving and my birthday. My fiancé organized a photo shoot as a gift to me for my birthday to capture us in our favorite setting since we’re both die hard Upstate New Yorkers. So the day after my birthday we met our photographer in her beautiful home town on Sleepy Hollow Lake. Early on in the shoot, she was having us do different poses, but eventually set us up so that he was standing behind me (I thought nothing of it). Then she asked me to pose by looking backwards at Will over my shoulder. This picture captures my immediate surprised reaction to realizing that Will was proposing! After the birthday shoot turned engagement shoot, we drove home. Well, first we got pulled over by a State Trooper which was a hilarious turn of events. Luckily a fresh engagement is an easy way out of a ticket! When we got home, I discovered that there were about a dozen cars in the driveway. Our families and our dearest friends were waiting at the house for a surprise engagement party! Getting to share the moment with such important people in our lives made the day just that much more special!

Fun Fact: The photographer’s husband proposed to her the same way! So she clearly knew what she was doing.

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