Mary and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met during our sophomore year of college at a party. I was actually supposed to be out of town that weekend but a major snowstorm caused a change of plans. One of the first questions I asked Tyler was as if he was a dog or cat person, and thankfully he is as obsessed with dogs as I am.

We talked the rest of the night and I made the first move by asking for Tyler’s number. We started dating a few months after that and have been best friends ever since! Now we live together with our dog, Lucy, who we rescued last year. We love hiking and running together, watching our favorite sports teams, and playing with Lucy.

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How They Asked

Tyler did the most amazing job planning the best surprise I could ever hope for! We want to visit every National Park together in our lifetime and Tyler planned an awesome trip for us to visit Zion And Bryce Canyon in June. I knew that we would get engaged eventually, but there were several hints I thought I received that indicated I shouldn’t have been expecting it any time soon and promised myself not to get my hopes up that it would happen on our trip (although I thought a national park would be the perfect place). I told Tyler I wanted to go somewhere in the park where we could watch the sunset and he told me he got a recommendation from a park ranger for an awesome spot that was never too crowded. Image 8 of Mary and Tyler

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I didn’t pack any nice or super cute clothes for this trip since we were hiking every day, but Tyler said it might be nice to get cleaned up for the sunset, and maybe we can ask someone to get a picture of us on this trip not in hiking gear for once. The nicest thing I packed for this trip was a Lululemon dress I like to wear hiking sometimes. I wasn’t at all suspicious of Tyler’s request because I really didn’t think the proposal was happening on this trip. When we finally got to the destination there was a professional photographer taking pictures of the most beautiful sunset spot in Zion. Tyler said we should ask him to take our picture with my phone but I told him I really didn’t want to bother the photographer while he was working. Well, Tyler asked anyways and after the photographer took our picture and walked away, I really didn’t think anything of it. Tyler then put his arm around me and we watched the sunset together. After a minute had passed, I could literally hear his heart beating out of his chest and when I looked up at him there were tears in his eyes. My heart started racing too. He started telling me how he couldn’t imagine his life without me and how much he loved me. I literally could not believe it was happening and the tears started coming. When he finally asked the question I said yes immediately.

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I was shocked when I heard a camera clicking a few minutes after he asked and realized the photographer was there to actually capture the moment. I was truly speechless that Tyler was able to pull all of this off. Then we got to take some more pictures together at other beautiful spots in the park and it was a great time! The photos turned out incredible and I’m so thankful Tyler got an amazing photographer to capture the moment. The surprises did not stop!

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Tyler coordinated with my family and his to throw the best surprise engagement party when we got back from our trip. My siblings who live far away and other family friends who I do not get to see often were able to come and celebrate our engagement. I could not have asked for a better proposal and felt so lucky to celebrate with the ones I love. I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Jimmy Bishop
 | Photographer