Mary and Troy

how we met

I had just recently moved to Encinitas and was out with my roommate when we ran into Troy and his friends at the local watering hole. As we got to talking we discovered that I had just moved into his apartment complex and we were even next door neighbors! We “casually” kept running into each other, became friends and eventually started dating & the rest is history!

how they asked

I may have been applying a bit of pressure – and we had talked about so I knew it was coming eventually but no clue when. We went to Hawaii for Christmas with his family … and nothing. We got back home and were on our way to meet up with friends for dinner when they called to postpone cause a work emergency came up. Troy suggested a quick walk on the beach to kill time. As we approached the end of our walk – he asked me to sit down. He pulled out a small book – with a story. The story of us. Filled with photos of where we met, the restaurant we had our first date, the hallway he was standing in when he realized he loved me and finally on the last page, a photo of an X in the sand where our next big moment was about to happen. Next thing I know he’s on one knee, I’m crying and our 2 friends who “cancelled” were there photographing the whole thing. After all the phone calls and FaceTimes to close friends and family – we headed to get a celebratory drink when SURPRISE! He had all of our closest friends there to celebrate with us! It was truly one of the best days of my life (so far)!

Special Thanks

Kristyn B Photography
 | Photography
Angelina Quiala-Dawson
 | Makeup Artist