Mary and Toni

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How We Met

Toni and I met our first night out in college on September 23, 2012 which happened to be the day before my 19th birthday. I had just moved into our dorms in downtown Chicago the day before from Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Chicago for school and lacrosse therefore the girls I lived with and on my floor were all teammates of mine! We were celebrating our first night of college with several drinks (of course), conversation, and we were just so excited to explore a new city especially since all of us were out of state student-athletes! One of my teammates met a friend at orientation who was living a floor above us so we went up there to meet our new classmates and neighbors. As soon as I walked in, I remember Toni handing me a beer right away and I knew that I was going to get along with him! We all hung out and had a great time we even took a group picture which ironically I was standing next to Toni on the end.

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As the night continued we made our way to the L’ to take the train to a bar we had planned on going to. Toni was very nice and ended up paying for me to get onto the L.’ However, with it being my first night out as well as my birthday weekend let’s just say I had several too many…All of us girls ended up getting lost because we had no idea where we were going or how to use the trains at this point. Toni and I got separated that night and actually did not speak for a couple of weeks until we ran into each other at a football game. After that night we were inseparable and we have been together ever since. We dated my entire college experience and even graduated together the same day.

how they asked

Toni of course asked my dad back in February for his permission at an Ohio State basketball game because being from Columbus, we are die hard buckeyes!! So my parents actually knew for a few months before Toni had asked me. One thing Toni was notorious for was spoiling me rotten from the get-go. I don’t think on any Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Birthday I ever just received one gift. Our first Valentine’s Day together I even walked into my dorms after practice and had my entire desk covered in presents along with dinner reservations for the evening. He set the bar high from the beginning therefore, he wanted a low-key intimate proposal to really throw me off. I NEVER expected the proposal he had in mind. It was a random rainy Sunday morning in my apartment in Chicago. He had brought me flowers but honestly throughout the five years we’ve been dating he would always randomly surprise me so I didn’t think anything of it.

Quick Backstory – So I grew up playing cards and board games with my family so I’ve always bugged Toni to play with me. Since it was raining he said he would play the game of Life with me! I went to set up the game of Life as he prepared breakfast for us. We were eating breakfast and playing life and I land on “STOP GET MARRIED” so I went to get my little blue peg to put in my plastic car as I was doing this Toni asked if I ever wanted to get married. I thought he was kidding so I rolled my eyes and said “yeah obviously..!” That is when he placed the tiny little box on the game board and got down on knee!! He did not seem nervous at all and had the most perfect speech prepared but of course I was too distracted by all the sparkles coming from that little box. It was perfect because I was surprised and I loved how it was just me and him there to share the moment. I was so excited that I forgot to even respond and say yes!!! As we are calling family and friends to share the news we found out my uncle and aunt actually got engaged the same day many years ago which made it even better because Toni had no idea!

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