Mary and Todd

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How We Met

It’s not super mushy, but we met at work. I swore I would never date a co-worker, but almost 4 years later I’ve learned that life doesn’t really care what you think. :)

how they asked

My fiancé and I wanted to share the story of our visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts from Saturday, August 13th. It’s a location and date that is now stamped forever in our lives. On that day, my then-boyfriend Todd and I were in Stockbridge, MA visiting this charming museum. Unbeknownst to me, Todd’s multiple trips to the bathroom that morning was a sign of nerves and not because he drank too much coffee at breakfast, as I thought at the time. Upon leaving the museum, we asked a passing family (who were visiting the U.S. from Paris) to take a photo of us. While I was turned away to put down my purse, Todd leaned in toward the father and whispered, “I’m going to propose, so just keep snapping (photos).”

The father snapped a photo of us and when I turned to pick up my purse off of the ground, Todd was down on one knee with some tears already glistening in his eyes and ring box in his hand.

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Surprise washed over me and in my state of surging emotions all I could do was smile uncontrollably and laugh out loud. At first I thought something was wrong and asked him if he was ok.

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To be honest, I knew the ring box was open and I caught a glimmer of the ring, but everything else is a blur. He asked me to be his wife and I said “yes!”. He slid the engagement ring onto my finger and shared a big hug. This is when I became aware of people watching this life-changing moment unfold. They applauded and cheered as we hugged. It was surreal. We then decided to walk around the grounds, reliving what just happened, and just holding onto the moment for as along we could. Todd told me later that evening that, “Despite the humid temperatures, the second we arrived on museum property, he knew it was the most perfect place to ask me to be his wife.”

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