Mary and Stuart


We tasted a small glimpse of heaven on Sunday.

We were on our way to our anniversary dinner when he took an unexpected detour to my favorite spot overlooking my hometown skyline, a place I had been coming to for years to think, process, and pray. I was unaware he knew how much this place meant to me (thanks friends) as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life him. In the shock of the moment, I responded, “ME?!?!” I couldn’t believe I was the lucky ONE he chose to be by his side for the rest of our time on earth together. He laughed and said, “Yes, YOU!” I with immense joy, I said YES!




We had a picnic dinner on the top of the parking garage as the sun set on the city where so many memories of the last year were made. We then celebrated with family and friends at my childhood home where we first met.

Best. Day. Ever.


Special Thanks

Kharis Photography
Kharis Photography