Mary and Robbie

how they asked

This year for Christmas we did a tour of Europe. My birthday is December 20 and I wanted to spend it in Paris. I had an idea he was going to propose sometime on our trip but I thought it would be when we were visiting my brother in Germany. As we are walking to the Eiffel Tower he kept stopping at every bathroom along the way saying his “tummy hurt.” It ends up he was texting his friend who happens to be a photographer and was living in Berlin at the time. When we get to where his friend told him to stand so he could get the best photos of us, three police officers were standing there and didn’t speak English very well. Robbie, ask them if they could move so we could get a picture and they didn’t understand. I thought he was being weird so I walked away and was taking photos, ignoring him. Well, Robbie tried to explain that his friend was hiding in the corner to take our photo as he proposed. The police man still didn’t understand and ended up taking photos of the engagement and emailed them to us. The photo of the whole Eiffel Tower in it is the one the police man took. Well I said yes! And told him it was about time, being that we have been together for 5 years.

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