Mary and Reggie

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dog Moutain in St. Johnsbury, VT

How We Met

I met Reggie in college when we were freshmen. I started crushing on him when we worked with our mutual friends on homework into the early morning hours before eating at IHOP as a little celebration. On many nights, I would ask for a ride in his fun Firebird back to my apartment because I didn’t want to walk alone late at night. Then, as I was being dropped off for the 9001st time one May (I lost count), he asked me out!

how they asked

Since we started going out, we rescued two mutts, Maci and Kairi. They became a very important part of our lives – at least from my perspective. Based on how they were involved in how Reggie’s proposal, he agreed.

Reggie/Maci drove the four of us to Dog Mountain in Vermont to enjoy the peak fall colors. We ate lunch at a picnic table near a pond on a hill overlooking the autumn valley. The forests were lush with all the greens fading to oranges, yellows, and reds.

Mary and Reggie's Engagement in Dog Moutain in St. Johnsbury, VT

Where to Propose in Dog Moutain in St. Johnsbury, VT

After lunch, I left to dispose of our trash. When I came back, I saw Reggie off in the distance with our two dogs. He was trying to tell Maci to go to me, but she didn’t listen. So, I called her over to me, and she still didn’t listen. After a few seconds, she finished sniffing whatever it was she wanted to sniff, popped her head up like she forgot something, and then darted as fast as she could over to me.

I discovered Maci had a new collar embroidered with “WILL YOU MARRY ME COOKIE?” along with an elegant engagement ring and two blue collars, which said “YES, OF COURSE” and “NO, SORRY…” I unbuckled the NO collar and stuffed it in the deepest pocket I had – didn’t want to litter – before sending the messenger back to Reggie with the “YES, OF COURSE,” collar. That’s when Reggie called Kairi over, put the blue YES collar onto her, took the ring from Maci, and put the ring on my finger.