Mary and Neil

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How We Met

Mary: Neil and I met during our freshman year of college when we were both taking the same calculus class (Neil: She greeted me by petting my fuzzy jacket, and told me I was soft- I thought that was a little odd, but she was cute so I forgave her). We barely even spoke, but I remember thinking he was so handsome but definitely not my type. Eventually study groups formed and we happened to be in the same one. This was when I started noticing how witty and funny he was and I started to really like him. However, I found out some time later that he had a girlfriend, so I knew this would not be anything but friendship and I was happy with that (Neil: at that time I was not in good standing with my ex- things were ugly but pictures on social media can mislead viewers- everyone thought we were meant to be together forever, but that was not the case and it wouldn’t be long until that came to and end).

The study group eventually fell apart as we all met new people in our classes, so I don’t remember talking to him much besides the occasional hello and how are you conversations. I ended up going back to Taiwan for a month over the summer to see some family and do some soul searching.

As our junior year rolled around I found out that Neil was single and he started doing sweet things for me (Neil: I gave her a whole bag of candy for Valentine’s Day and she said no thanks! I was so embarrassed. I didn’t have a clue she liked me before and I was just trying to be a nice friend…and I thought to my self “if it happens to lead to more, I would be okay with that, if not I am also okay with that too”) that took me by surprise because I never thought he would ever be interested in me.

My feelings for him started growing as we continued talking and he continued to surprise me with little things like a hand drawn birthday card (Neil: I am better than Picasso, not bragging though) , that I still have! However, I was hesitant because you always are when you really like someone. So, eventually I said yes to hanging out outside of school (Neil: I took her to one of the best local cafes not knowing she hates coffee…I would, wouldn’t I?). I was still very nervous and afraid that he wasn’t ready for another relationship yet (Neil: I was long over due for a person who cared about me), but I later found out he had always been ready to be with me (Neil: sign me up!). I was so scared to be in love and give my whole heart to someone and trust them to not break it that I was thinking I might be better off single(Neil: I asked her to go steady and i thought she said yes, and told my mom the good news..turns out I didn’t call no take backs -next day I called her “babe :)” and I was greeted with an odd look and “Umm ,what?” Turns out she said no by saying yes?). A week later after saying yes, but then no when he asked if I could be his girlfriend, I decided to take a chance and risk letting my heart get broken to date the man of my dreams. Now I have the love of a sweet, caring, handsome, smart man and I could not be more thankful.

how they asked

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Neil: Before we started dating, we would go to a local park and have long talks about life and future endeavors. We were best friends and shared EVERYTHING. After two years of dating, I was so glad to show her I meant business, as she was unsure of my intent to commit. I planned an evening with dinner and a date. She had a stressful day at school (nursing clinical) and I took her out for seafood (being broke college students lobster was a rare event but I wasn’t worried about blowing my cover).

She vented for about 2 hours about everything that happened that day and I was getting anxious as I watched the sun get lower and lower. I finally cut her off and asked for the check. I told her we could finish talking in our old chat spot in the park. We got to the park and sat on the hill as the sun was kissing the city skyline with bronze and golden rays. We began to walk to our spot and the sun was determined to race us there. We finally arrived to the spot but it began to rain and the clouds were pushing the last remainder of sun light back into space. I had come too far to back down so I grabbed her and headed back to the car.

As we were walking I stopped to “tie my shoe” (I did this often and she kept walking like always, gee thanks :p). I got up, scooted towards her, got back on my knee and called her name. She turned and that’s when I hit her with left hook… okay so maybe I just had the ring out. I couldn’t even finish my sentence before she grabbed my beard and said yes (COME ON DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO COME UP WITH THAT ONE SENTENCE !?!?!). We walked back to my car in the rain and drove home to spread the good news.

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