Mary and Michael

how we met

Michael and I met out one night with our friends. At the time we were both living in Galveston, Texas. And on the night we met we were actually with separate groups of people but he approached me thinking I was one of his friends. He said, “Hey LC how’s it going?”. I stared at him confused and he said, “wait your not LC..” (haha). He ended up staying around and talking to me anyways. I was fan-girling because of his surfer hair. We love talking about this night.

how they asked

This is really the greatest story. I am the queen of planning surprise parties. Something about the excitement and joy someone has when you plan a surprise party for them is the greatest feeling in the world. That being said, I plan surprise parties for Michael all the time. His birthday is December 10th and I had decided to plan a surprise birthday party at our favorite restaurant (Olympia Grill) in Galveston and invite all of our friends and family. I rented the large party room in the restaurant – invited all of our friends and family – and coordinated with the restaurant times and plans. Michael and I leave the house heading to dinner and I’m so already getting excited. We walk in and everyone is wearing blue T-shirts that say “Surprise” on the front. First I was confused – why did everyone make these shirts and not tell me? Then as we walk in everyone is saying happy birthday and Michael starts talking and saying, “thank you everyone for coming – as you know Mary and I have been together…” then he turns around and get on his knee and proposes. He told our moms that he wanted to propose. They told him about the party so he could do it then. So essentially, I planned my own proposal and he did it on his birthday. Probably the best day of my life.

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