Mary and Matthew

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How We Met

I guess you could say our story started when we were very young because I would have never had enough courage to reach out to her if I didn’t remember her from my childhood. But if we fast forward about 15 years, then I’d say we reconnected– or actually met– on Instagram.

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She posted a picture and I just figured I would leave a bunch of kissy face emojis and see what happened. In my mind there were three things that could happen: She ignores it (which was my assumption) , she makes a smart comment (not likely), or she flirts back (which I would’ve never guessed). So when she responded with emojis, I had to like a few of her pics — just to make sure she was picking up what I was putting down– and she liked a few of mine. So then I said “You might just be my Instagram crush,” which might have been the worst pickup line in history, but she responded saying that I might be hers too.

It took at least a week of Instagram flirting before I actually asked for her number. I remember getting it on October 3rd and I remember asking her “should I just marry you now” after just a few text messages.

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Might’ve been a joke back then, but who would’ve thought that it would actually come true. About a month later, Nov. 9th to be exact, we went on our first date which was probably the most nerve-racking day of my life. I remember it so vividly. We went to the movies and then to dinner. The movie was Paranormal Activity 3 and the restaraunt was TGI Fridays. I ordered the sizzling chicken and shrimp and she ordered the sizzling chicken and cheese. The CD playing in the car– which she drove– was Israel and New Breed.

how they asked

So I guess I can start off by saying he got me good! I always told Matt that he wouldn’t be able to surprise me whenever he decided to propose. Two reasons, for one, he can’t keep anything from me and secondly, I’m just way too nosey! BUT he proved me wrong. It had to be on a day that I would least expect “MOTHER’S DAY 2016”. So of course a lot of lying had to take place! I was told that they were having a typical family dinner at his house on Mother’s Day but my mother was invited to come! It was kind of strange but I didn’t think anything of it seeing as though it was Mother’s Day. But what really got me to come was that he told me that they were surprising his mom so he needed me to do her makeup as a distraction! But really did I know I was distracting myself.

As I’m doing her makeup in his room, his brother cuts on the TV and then I see myself watching a video of him asking my parents for my hand in marriage!!! It was the sweetest thing ever, the video ended with instructions for me to follow the flowers as they opened his room door. In shock a begin to walk through the house crying as I got to the bottom of the steps where there were pictures of us through the years and a text message he had saved that said “so should I just marry you now” as I get to the back yard I there’s all of our family and a bunch of cameras in my face! Before I knew it he was on one knee, with my dream ring in his hand asking me to marry him!!!!!

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It was the best day of my life! Well until the wedding day :)

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