Mary and Matt

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How We Met

It all started in 2012 on the night of my high schools last football game. I was an athletic trainer for my school and my fiancés team was on the opposing team. Because my good friend and I were so darn good at helping out, our athletic trainer leader asked us to help out Matt’s team instead. We were outgoing loud teenage girls so of course we accepted and walked over across the football field with grins on our faces. While the game was going on I noticed a tall white guy standing in front of me ( I went to school in Edinburg Tx so it was rare to see anything but hispanics) and was immediately intrigued. My friend Alecks happened to know him and said hi to him and introduced us. To him it was more of a casual introduction but to me it felt like love at first sight. He was standing there with his uniform,sweaty and smiling , all I could see were his baby blue eyes. After he walked away I couldn’t stop thinking about him so when I got home that night I looked him up on Facebook ( it was my first time ever doing that for a guy) and sent him a request. He approved and I used the lamest excuse to start a conversation like “hey what was the name of your schools trainer?” but it worked and messaged for a while until one day he suddenly stopped. It turned out he had a girlfriend at the time and she got jealous (keep in mind that we weren’t flirting just friends) so she deleted our messages and I eventually just dropped it. So a few months later it’s prom night and I’m excited to spend a great night with my girls! I was looking so extra with my red flamenco dancer style dress that I had busted my butt working at Denny’s for and it was totally worth it! Once my friends and I arrived and chose our tables I turned my head slightly to see who was sitting next to me and I couldn’t believe it!

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It was Matt dressed in an all black suit. He was here with a girl from my school. I noticed she was running around with her friends and only dancing with them, you had to be a fool to not notice she was ignoring him. My friends were taking their pictures and one of them suggested I’d take it with Matt. It took me a while but I worked up the courage to ask him and he smiled and accepted. Taking the picture was one of the most awkward moments ever and having him step on my long dress as we walked made it more awkward. After the picture I thanked him and we parted.That night I got a Facebook message from him complimenting me and we picked up from where we left off. It turned out he was at my prom with his ex, she had broken up with him a week before but he kept his promise on taking her. After a few months of taking on the phone for hours and one date we had at the movies (which I left after 5 mins into Spider-Man because my sister needed me to pick her up) we met up at a park to hangout.The park had a hidden pier so we walked out to it and as the sun was setting I was looking out to the water and he grabbed my hand and I turned to him as he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was super nervous and as my mouth opened the word “OK” slipped out and I gave him a quick kiss and long hug.

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how they asked

After four magical years we took a trip to Disney World(my favorite place in the world) we walked by Cinderellas castle at night while it was raining . We stopped next to a bench and he took a knee , pulled out a small white box and very nervously asked me to marry him. It was the best day of my life !! Every day has been a true fairy-tale with him , he showed me what a true gentlemen is like and is always there for me thru highs and lows. Matthew Shoemaker is my best friend,love of my life, first boyfriend,last boyfriend , and husband to be.

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