Mary and Joe

How We Met

Summer of 2014, I was a broke college kid who had to stay over summer break to take some classes. I was struggling to find a job that was on campus and then I finally got an interview for ISU Catering. Starting the job at Catering, I had a crush on the “shy guy” at work. I didn’t know his name for WEEKS because this shy guy was also quite the lazy guy who never wanted to wear his name tag.

After finally starting some conversation one night while working a wedding, Joe asked me to come over after our shift to hang out and have some drinks. We drank straight fireball, watched Mulan, and I tried to drink more than my stomach could handle. Even after embarrassing myself by getting sick, Joe still wanted my number. (Don’t worry guys, he still played the hard to get game and didn’t text me for two weeks).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cancun, Mexico

Little did I know, the shy guy with the flirting style of tripping someone would now be my fiance.

how they asked

Alright so now let’s bring this forward to January of 2018… Joe and I love traveling. After our trip to San Diego, we decided we wanted to try and get our next trip together with some friends. We decided on Cancun and started asking people around if they wanted to come with us.

The crew was set, and we landed in Mexico. That first night, we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, but we had a plan to dress nicer for the next night to celebrate getting everyone together on this vacation. The morning of day 2, Zack mentioned that he made dinner reservations for the Mediterranean restaurant at our resort. Chelsea and Kirsten both asked if this could be the night we dressed up, and Chelsea asked me to do her makeup. As the days went on and the drinks by the pool kept flowing, Kirsten and Chelsea, both wanted to see if I was still interested and getting ready for them.

My stubborn self-asked them to come to my room instead. Chelsea then had to make sure to reiterate that she is okay coming to my room but does NOT want the boys around. I was a little confused with why she was so anti-boys that day because at that point I was getting pretty aggravated. I did not want to start anything so I let it slide, but I most definitely had a conversation with Joe asking why they were being “so mean!”

After the pool, we all washed up and Zack came over to me and Joe’s room to hang out. We all actually sat on our porch and watched a wedding on the beach while waiting for my hair to dry- I just realized the first time hanging out and our last moments as boyfriend and girlfriend were surrounded by a wedding- WEIRD! When Chelsea came over- the boys were booted, and it was time to get ready. Chelsea did everything in her power to slow me down. She was hugging on me (which at the time I thought she was still feeling a buzz from the pool), asking me to do things for her hair/makeup, and interrupting me as much as she could. She even asked me if we wanted to swap outfits if I didn’t like mine enough- I still had no idea, just thought she didn’t like my romper. Kirsten came over and it was finally time to meet the boys for our reservations.

Mary and Joe's Engagement in Cancun, Mexico

We got downstairs in the lounge and sat down while we were waiting for Joe and Zack. Chelsea then announced to me that she had to use the restroom and could not wait any longer. A staff came up to us and told us he could show us the way. As we were walking out, he asked us if we spoke any Spanish, we all answered “not really” and then he started to speak in his headset in Spanish. We got by the lobby, and a waitress comes out and hands me a flower, still unaware, I say thank you and continue walking. The more the staff walks us, the more I realize that this is it, it is really happening right now. We start walking down the path and vendors keep popping out and handing me more roses. I could feel my face blushing. We step on the beach, and I see Joe smiling at me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cancun, Mexico

Struggling, to walk in the sand in heels, I made it to him where he then asked me to marry him. I was shaking crying, and full of joy. I don’t even think I let Joe stay on his knee for more than 30 seconds because I just said yes and pulled him up. After all the tears are wiped, Joe then, with a slightly confused tone goes, “You didn’t even look at the ring!” I do not think I have ever been so surprised. Ugly crying and all, this was by far the happiest day yet. I was so glad to have my friends around for this time.

After the photographer was done, the resort prepared us a 4-course meal on the beach. This trip to Cancun will always hold such a special place in my heart, and sorry to Chelsea and Kirsten for thinking you guys were being huge jerks-gotta defend my fiance! :)

Mary's Proposal in Cancun, Mexico

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