Mary and Jesse

Mary's Proposal in Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays Shooting Range, Coplay, PA

How We Met

NOTE: Wedding Date TBD As corny as it sounds, our story is entirely based on the claim that “everything happens for a reason.” My Dilemma: At the beginning of 2013, I had been working as a Medical Assistant for 5 years, but knew I wanted to do more. As I explored my options, I realized that I wanted to further my education by becoming a Nurse. The only problem was, that it would be extremely difficult to go to school full-time and continue working full-time.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays Shooting Range, Coplay, PA

I had to make a difficult decision between quitting a job that I loved, in order to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse or give up on my dream in order to continue working at a job that I loved. An Opportunity: A colleague that I had worked with throughout the prior 4 years, owned his own company, heard about my dilemma, and offered me an opportunity that I could not turn down: A full-time job, with full-time benefits, with the accommodation of my work hours for my Nursing School schedule included.

Mary and Jesse's Engagement in Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays Shooting Range, Coplay, PA

So, I took that leap of faith, said goodbye to my job of 5 ½ years and started a new job in order to pursue my dream of eventually becoming a Nurse. The Day We Met: I remember being extremely terrified on the first day of my new job, worried that I may have just made a really bad decision that would have a huge negative effect on my future. As the day of training went on, I began to feel more comfortable with my decision. I remember meeting Jesse at work on my first day, and then going home to tell my roommate about the cute boy I had met at my new job. Time Goes By: Over the next year and a half, I was fully consumed with Nursing School and my job, and didn’t see Jesse very often at work because I worked out of a different office.

We eventually became Facebook friends, which led to a good friendship. In August 2014, a coworker had given Jesse two tickets to a preseason New York Giants vs. New England Patriots game, and he asked me to go with him. This was our first official date! Today: I am a Registered Nurse and engaged to my best friend and the man of my dreams! And if it weren’t for that leap of faith I took over 4 years ago, I would not be a Nurse today, and I would never have met Jesse!

how they asked

We were skeet shooting in Pennsylvania with some friends of ours on a very cold Saturday in March. I am still new to skeet shooting, so Jesse wanted me to practice reloading the shells into the shotgun on my own. We got to station nine and Jesse handed me a box of shells with only four shells remaining in it. I shot those four and he then handed me, what I thought was a new, unopened, box of shells.

As soon as I opened it, I saw the ring, and it all hit me…

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