Mary and Graham

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How We Met: I met Graham at a New Years party in January 2014, I beat him in beer pong after we introduced ourselves to one another and I didn’t see him again that night (haha). A few weeks later Graham added me on Facebook and we casually chatted via Facebook messenger for 6 months. I didn’t get a clue when he would attempt and fail to meet up. Finally after purchasing a scooter in the spring Graham asked if I wanted to casually take a motorcycle licensing class with him that summer, I agreed! On June 24th, 2014 I met him again a second time and it was love at second site. We successfully completed the class and became licensed. Our friendship continued and we began dating in August of 2014. I professed my love for him a few weeks later, and thankfully he told me he loved me as well! I would look at him and see my future.

how they asked: August 14, 2015. The day we climbed Mount Katahdin – the tallest mountain in Maine. We climbed Cathedral Trail – one of the steeper trails going up Mount Katahdin, 1.7 miles of climbing and 5,270 ft. to the summit. Graham climbed ahead of my sister and me, encouraging us every terrifying step of the way and assuring me that, “it would be worth it at the top”. Three hours of climbing later we reached the summit. My sister Maddie – photographer extraordinaire and younger brother Max – rock climbing extraordinaire were with us. Graham scoped out the perfect spot – ring in pocket – to ask the fateful question. He suggested we walk over to a secluded spot near the edge of the mountain and take a picture together. I agreed and as I got in picture perfect position I looked over to see him on his knee reaching for something in the grass (he dropped the ring) bringing it up from the turf he looked me in the eyes and said the most beautiful sentence I have ever heard him say, “Mary Catherine Elizabeth Roehl, you make me the happiest man in the world. I would like to spend the rest of my life doing the same for you if you would let me. Mary Catherine Elizabeth Roehl.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

“Yes!!!!!!!!! are you serious? Are you serious?”

Graham, “Yes. Dead serious”

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The climb down the mountain was much easier, it helps when you’re so happy you’re floating.