Mary and Drew

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2014, and I was about to be a college senior in Nashville, TN. My best friends and I all had Tinder accounts. Honestly, nothing great had come along until Drew from Bowling Green, KY messaged me (twice lol).

He was a server and bartender at a nice, local restaurant and was obtaining his college degree. We instantly connected. I could tell he was smart. Obviously cute. Kind. Hilarious. Charming. And like, really liked me a lot haha. I just had that feeling in my gut that I could trust him. And boy was I right.

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We actually didn’t meet for the first time in person until a whole month later, but back it up to just a couple of days after he first messaged me — I went on a family cruise and didn’t have cell service to message him for a week. I honestly didn’t think he’d still be interested by the time I got back, because it’s Tinder, ya know.

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But sure enough, I remember the ship pulling back into the US port and my phone dinging with messages he had sent me while I was gone. He had gone up to visit his brother in Chicago while I was on the cruise, and he had sent me pics from his trip. And I was like omg this guy likes me and he is CUTE cute! Haha.
We were crushing on each other so hard and hadn’t even met yet. How was this possible?

Then, immediately after the cruise, I went to be a counselor at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere in Alabama and I didn’t have good cell service once again, so we HAND WROTE each other LETTERS y’all. I will keep those things forever and ever.

The whole week of camp I drove into the little town’s McDonald’s to get WiFi for my summer class I was taking since the summer camp didn’t have WiFi either, and I still get butterflies just thinking about all of our phone calls that we would make to each while I drove around the teeny tiny town. The reason why there were so many phone calls is because the service was so bad even in the middle of town that the calls would constantly drop! That didn’t stop us.

Finally, it was time for me to head back to Nashville for school. I bypassed my apartment and headed straight to Bowling Green. I remember praying that this one would work out. I was so nervous. I even pulled over at the Walgreens about 30 seconds before arriving at his house to text him that I was gonna throw up! I was kidding but only kinda. I even drove right past him when I saw him standing on the sidewalk waiting for me.

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After some divine jolt of courage, I finally parked my car, walked up to greet him under the orange glow of the street light, and he instantly went in for a smooch! I was not about to stop him.

The rest was history. We love each other more and more every single day. This has been the best six years of our lives!

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How They Asked

Our 6 year dating anniversary was 8/7/2020, so he suggested that we take a pic on our patio. I didn’t think anything of it because we spend so much time out there and it’s a great spot for a photo in my opinion! It’s our favorite spot to be — with our little plants and string lights and vibrant rug, surrounded by trees in our quiet little neighborhood… it’s so peaceful! We had been talking about how we haven’t taken a photo together in a while, too, anyway.

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At sunset, he set up his phone on this small tripod on our patio table and told me that he had this tiny clicker and would be able to take pics by clicking it. Easy peasy. So we were posing and he was counting down, making me think we took a total of about 3 pics.

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Then, after the third pic he said “oh yeah, one more thing,” and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I was absolutely S H O C K E D! Turns out he was actually recording the whole thing! It was worth every second of the six-year wait!

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