Mary and David

how we met

We are a Bumble success-story! We had our first date at Hop Scholar Alehouse for some craft beers which was perfect as I (Mary) had just moved from San Diego and missed brewery hopping. David offered to drive me home after the date as I had Ubered there and when I got in Battleship was on the passenger seat. He said he had brought it in case there were any uncomfortable silences. I appreciated the ingenuity and we still have not played the game together to this day!

how they asked

We went to San Francisco for a vacation and were planning our first morning to visit Muir Woods. However, with the time change we woke up early and decided to walk to see the Golden Gate Bridge. We went to a park called Land’s End and came to a cliff overlooking the ocean with the bridge in the distance. Surprisingly for SF, the sun had broken through the clouds and it was such a beautiful scene that David made a last minute decision to propose then & there! While I was taking a photo of the view he was behind me on bent knee waiting to propose. We enjoyed the moment just between us and then had the remainder of the vacation to celebrate. It worked out well as Muir Woods was rather damp from earlier rains and would not have offered that same intimate privacy.David gave a little away when we went to coffee that morning, he went back to the car to get his backpack and I deduced there was a ring in the bag. But despite the knowledge that it may happen that day, the moment itself was a surprise. As we had talked a fair amount about marriage in the future, we were both surprised by the flood of emotions and adrenaline we felt during the proposal. We had to wait until my legs stopped shaking to walk back to the car!

Special Thanks

Nikk Nguyen Photo
 | Photography
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
 | Location