Mary and Dana

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How We Met

Prior to meeting Dana I said a prayer, asking that the next man that I meet would be my husband. I was done with the meaningless hook ups and just meeting someone only to just fall into bed with them and if there was a possibility of anything, it lasting only 2-3 months. I asked that we get to know each other before meeting. I went as far as to ask that we email one another first. The day we met was November 10, 2015…I should say the day he said hello was November 10. We met on, yep, online daters. I had met a few guys on there and made NO LOVE CONNECTION and I was pretty much ready to give up with dating for a while. Dana was on Match and he hadn’t posted any pictures of himself and so I didn’t give him much thought at the time, but then he sent me a quick email to say hello, “Here is hoping… that part that suits you…that smile… is everywhere today.” Dan. I think I was hooked. That was a pretty cool message in my inbox on He said he didn’t have pictures on Match because someone stole his pictures and posted them on the website. He had taken himself off of Match for a while and had recently put up a new profile. He asked that instead of talking on the phone or texting, that we email or use instant messenger. I thought, my prayers had been answered. It was three weeks later that we met face to face. The day we met he asked me to be exclusive, to remove myself off of Match.

how they asked

We sort of did things backwards. In our conversations we talked about getting married and being married and before he really asked me, Dana began calling me his wife, even asking me to write out my name with his last name, Dance and to take a picture of it and send it to him. He’d tell me he knew the minute I stepped out of my car to meet him, I was going to be his wife. We talked about ring shopping for an engagement ring and he said he wanted one too. Dana and I would meet sporadically, but we were always communicating daily. We were slowly building our relationship, getting to know each other more and more, and each time we were together he’d ask me if I were going to marry him or be with him forever? Each time I would tell him yes. I think he was just wanting to be sure that I would say yes, when he officially asked.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At his project site

That day in March, I surprised him and wanted to give him his engagement ring, he knew I was bringing it with me, when I said I would come out to see him at his job site (he’s a painting contractor). When I got there he showed me around the project site pointing out the work that still needed to be done. He then led me to a quiet office that hadn’t been prepped yet, and he held me and kissed me; whispering in my ear that he loved me and wanted me to be with him forever, and before I knew it, he was kneeling before me and looking up to me and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, we sat on the floor on a blanket and I think that’s when it hit me. I looked at him and said, “You just proposed to me.” He said, “I know.” And pulled me close to him.