Mary and Caleb

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how we met

We met because we were introduced to each other by her older sister and she had just moved to Baton Rouge a few months earlier to work for the Governor. I was pretty much done with women and Baton Rouge and was looking at moving and getting out of here, I had just ended a long messy something of a “relationship” and was finally glad to be single. Mary and I became running buddies and I wasn’t the least bit interested in her as I was running to get my head clear and she was running to train for a triathlon. My mentor had told me earlier that when I was looking for a wife that I didn’t want someone so far ahead of me or to far behind me but someone that was stride for stride with me in life….imagine my surprise when I looked over one day and saw the physical manifestation of his words. So I wanted to go skydiving with her and booked a trip but we broke up in the process and I had to bring a guy buddy of mine at the last second and I couldn’t have been more apathetic jumping out of a plane as I told him “you have no idea how ugly you are to me right now…” anyway Mary and I got back together a few months later and went skydiving and then I decided I wanted to propose this way as well….

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how they asked

I’m 34 and I had no clue it would take this long to get married, so I decided that I’m going to do this once so I might as well make it awesome. I mean for something so cool and amazing I couldn’t just take her to a tree and drop to a knee right? I couldn’t really be “normal” about asking someone to be my wife. It’s a pretty big deal, so I wanted it to be fun, big and exciting!

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We have the rest of our lives to get serious, plus… It took so long for me to convince her to marry me, and she tends to over think things… I figured I’d distract her by having her jump out of a plane and if she could do that, she wouldn’t have much time to think about it and would hopefully say yes!

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There was a bit of coordination to pull this off and everyone kept asking if I was nervous and I said the only thing I was nervous about was getting found out. I would have been very nervous if we were just on a walk or I was trying to take her to “our spot” not that we have one and try to ask her. I figured go big and even if something spoils the plan, at least you get to go skydiving.

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When she saw the sign, all she could say is she was just “so happy” She said, “I mean I was skydiving and then got proposed to and all I could think of was get me down to the ground fast!” She saw the sign at 4000 feet, so it still took a while for them to float down, but she said yes when she landed!

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the ring

The story behind the ring is the setting is my late mothers setting and we took out the 7 diamonds from her ring, put a new diamond in and then I’m going to put 6 diamonds on her wedding band and then the 7th one is going to go on the underside of my wedding band which is my father’s old wedding band from his 1st marriage to my late mother. it’s a really cool story because our house was robbed several years back, probably an inside job from a maid or something. They took all of my mothers jewelry and my father’s guns, but they didn’t get the engagement ring. So my dad and step mom decided to keep it and give it to me to give to my future wife.

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