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How We Met

Bryan and I both grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri and we both attended the same small catholic grade school, Seven Holy Founders. Bryan was a year younger than me and was much more qualified for the cool kid crew. Athletic, smart, class clown you know how this goes. I on the other hand sang in the school choir, was in Girl Scouts, and was the least coordinated kid on the basketball team. Let’s just say I knew him and he did not know me. We grew up and went on to high school when my junior his sophomore year we returned to Founders to get service hours through our youth group. We were volunteering for an 8th grade retreat which took months to prepare and everybody Thursday night at 7 o clock there were meetings. I had volunteered the year before so I knew the drill and the people to expect when I walked in. So on the January evening I walked in and saw Bryan Mathews.

I was pretty taken aback. This didn’t really seem like his type of scene. I kind of passed him up and sat down by my friends and went on with our meeting. During opening prayer of the meeting I burped so loudly I even surprised myself. (So embarrassing and so on accident) Bryan looked right at me and said, “nice Mary” … in my head I was shocked he even knew my name. The meeting drug on and at the closing prayer we hold hands of you want and Bryan and I happened to end up sitting next to each other I reached out for his hand and he said, “I don’t hold hands” … so awkward. I think I must have just stared at him because he went on to say, “I get sweaty palms” That week I was just dying of humiliation every time I thought of that un foreseen burp that got this kids attention and denied by a hand hold to top it all off. I needed to shake it off and just focus on anything else. A couple nights went on and I got a friend request on Facebook asking for my number from none other than Bryan.

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He texted me shortly after saying ,”Nerd” and I replied, “Sweaty palms?” The rest is really history from there. We never stopped texted from that day even now 6 and a half years later. His mom was very sick with stage four lung cancer and she ended up passing in March of 2010 as we were getting to know on another. We started dating April 2010 at the retreat when he asked me out with a “warm fuzzy” the goal of this task was to go up to someone and give a compliment and tie the piece of yarn on their yarn necklace and when Bryan came up to me he asked if I would be his girlfriend. So perfectly cheesy in every way! But you better believe I still have that warm fuzzy in my closet tucked away with the hundreds of letters and cards we’ve given each other over the years.

We went on to graduate high school and both attended southeast Missouri state in cape Girardeau. I was a year older so I went first rushing a sorority and making new friends and Bryan would come down and visit when he could. He then too came down to SEMO however being that smart guy he is finished early and I still had a semester left. So we did long distance again for a couple months till I graduated and now we live together in Ladue while I work as a teacher and he attends Saint Louis University school of law.

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how they asked

Bryan and I have been to Disney World together a now total of four times together! (The fourth time was the charm for our big moment!) Growing up I was always a huge Disney fan and it seemed to just always stick with me. One Saturday after walking and shopping with my mom I cam home to our apartment to a cookie cake and a display of Disney maps with the question, “Walt Disney World?” spelled out.

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Naturally my mind began to swirl and I of course said yes and asked, “When do we leave?!” Bryan had given me two weeks to prepare! I was ecstatic and had to think quick on my feet and figure out all the cute things to wear to my favorite place with my favorite person! The two weeks drug on but finally we arrived Friday the 14th late and crashed at our hotel. The next day we woke up super early and we’re running on very little sleep and woke up the next morning and hit the ground running. Bryan had known I had never seen the welcome show at Magic Kingdom and that’s where we went to first. Mickey waved at me I cried let’s just say it was freaking magical! Next off to my favorite park Hollywood Studios.

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We rode all of my favorites and Bryan was just being so dang sweet to me I just felt like I was on cloud nine. After some rides and a romantic down pour of rain we headed to our lunch reservation at magic kingdom! We sat down and mid way through lunch Bryan told me we were going to “our place” California Grill to watch the rooftop fireworks “Wishes” and I casually stirred my drink, looked down and cried a little to myself at how dang lucky I am to have this thoughtful man in my life. We went back to our room to rest and then get ready for our big date night. PAUSE. While getting ready Bryan kept closing the privacy curtain and the next opening it and he didn’t this at least three time she I thought the guy wasn’t going a little crazy.

THEN.. he told me the temperature was supposed to drop almost 15 degrees tonight and it was supposed to get super cold and that’s why’ve he was bringing his jacket (mmmmmmmmmm?) so off we went hand in hand and we finally arrived at dinner. Bryan and I ordered some drinks and enjoyed our dinner. It was time for the fireworks (which makes me emotional to begin with so just imagine what’s about to happen) Bryan tells me to head on out to the balcony and get us a good spot to view the fireworks! I found a spot and then Bryan met me outside. Bryan me to me outside and the show began! Bryan was stroking my arm rather shakily and I kept pushing him off because his hands were trembly so bad! (Oops!) he kept whispering things like, “I love you. It’s been a great six years with you” my stomach would drop and then what felt like minutes would go by and he would say again, “I hope I can can make all of your wishes come true!”

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Another stomach drop and the fireworks continued to light up the sky. Finally he said, “Hey Mary I just be have one question for you” the tears started to fall as he turned me around and got down on one knew what and asked, “Will you marry me?”

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I just shook my head up and down and as I was about to burry my head in his chest he turns me around again and out walk my parents!!

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I was over the top with emotion and so we’re my parents. Hugs all around emotional exchange so between Bryan , my parents (who pulled a fast one on me and surprised me in DISNEY WORLD) and I as we continued to watch the finale of fireworks!

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When the show was over people were congratulating us and applauding!

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We took somebody to take pictures and went inside to a decorated table and more congratulations and applauds.

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The restaurant gave us champagne and the rest is history!

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