Mary and Alexander's Vineyard Proposal

Image 1 of Mary and Alexander's Vineyard ProposalHow We Met: Alex and I first connected on a social media app, which also told us we had numerous mutual Facebook friends. As we had both gone to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and actually lived across the street from one another in our prospective sorority and fraternity houses, it was actually fairly hard to believe that we had not met before. Alex was graduated from UNL and working as an accountant down in Wichita, Kansas, and I was a nursing student in Omaha, Nebraska. We matched on our social media app, and decided to meet up at a bar in Lincoln during a home Cornhusker football game. We met at a bar and had a drink or two, which lead to bar-hopping and talking for quite a few hours. From then, we started talking daily, and as he went back to Wichita for work we decided to plan a date that coincided with his next visit up to Nebraska. For our first date we went to a home Cornhusker football game together, where our team won by a crazy Hail Mary pass during the last play of the game. The rest is history and we spent almost every weekend together, either him driving the four-and-a-half hour drive from Wichita to Omaha/Lincoln, or for me driving down there.

how they asked: After dating for close to two years, Alex and I had picked up my families hobby of wine and wine tasting. We did it almost none stop at home, and as Nebraska is not exactly wine country, we decided to plan a trip to Sonoma County to visit vineyards and do some wine tasting. My favorite has always been sparkling wine (and Alex’s pinot noir), so we planned a trip to a favorite vineyard of mine and my family, Iron Horse Vineyards, that specializes in sparkling wine and pinot noir. Alex told me they did a winemaker’s tour, where the vineyard winemaker takes you out in his truck for a couple hours, and we decided to book it. Then a few months later, the trip was here and we were in California staying in our private house we booked for the week. We had normal morning, had coffee, and headed to the vineyard for the tour at 10 am. The winemaker arrived, and told us a bit about our tour and how we would have a glass of sparkling wine now, and then another at the top of the hill for the end of the tour. We started the tour, and he proceeded to tell us some pretty in-depth information about the wine making process (throughout which I was entirely lost). However, we did reach the top of the hill that he had pointed out earlier, and then said his phone had been vibrating/ringing for a while, so he needed to excuse himself to take a call. He told us to continue on walking through the vineyard. As Alex and I rounded the corner, there was a view of the entire Iron Horse vineyards, as well as a wine barrel set up with a bottle of sparkling wine and glasses. As we walked toward the bottle (I was entirely clueless and just wanted a glass, thinking it was part of the normal tour) Alex stopped me and got down on his knee and proposed! From there the winemaker had been snapping pictures and proceeded to say how nervous he and the entire staff had been all morning. It truly was a surprise, and a perfect way for him to propose.

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Planner/Iron Horse Winemaker – David Munksgard