Mary and Alex


How We Met

Me and Alex are high school sweethearts who lived a town way from each other but went to different high schools. I am convinced we have always been meant for each other and that god has had a plan to put us in each others lives right when we needed to be. A month before we met, my highs school field hockey team ended up being in the championship against his school. I was on the team for my school and he was in the stands. We would talk about places we have been and how we were there at the same time and how our paths have crossed without us even knowing.


We were Facebook friends, but we met on NYE in 2009 when my friends and I spontaneously went over his house during a snow storm. After that, Alex used to be too scared to hangout with me when we were just friends because he said I intimated him. He became my best friend. In June of 2010, we made things official and have been together ever since.

how they asked

So before we get started, I am a HUGE disney fanatic. I grew up going to disney world and pretending I was a disney princess and would dream about my future prince charming. When I would go to disney world when I was little I saw a girl get proposed to in front of the castle and ever since that has been my ultimate dream no matter how cliche some people might think it is.

Disney holds some of my favorite memories of my childhood. On my 23rd birthday I was sick in bed with a HORRIBLE stomach bug and Alex and I’s birthday plans were canceled. He came over my house with an envelope and inside was a disney trip he planned!

Although some people say that their S.O acted super nervous or sketchy for a week up until the proposal alex acted no different, he hid it really well. When we were leaving for Disney, some people told me that they think the proposal was coming but I didn’t think so and brushed it off. We got there on a Sunday and he didn’t propose until Wednesday.

My favorite disney movie is tangled and so I bought a shirt that says a quote from the movie, “Best Day Ever”. Alex INSISTED I wore this shirt when we were going to magic kingdom. We were walking around the park and he said that we should go take some pictures in front of the castle.

I didn’t think anything of it because he knew I love taking pictures. Once we got there he asked the photographer to take the pictures. All the sudden he gets down on one knee and tells me how much he loves me and asks me to marry him.


I was in total shock and people around us started clapping and cheering and it took me bout 5 minutes to even realize what was actually happening. I was so unbelievably happy and my fairytale came true.

disney2  i-said-yes

It was the BEST DAY EVER :)


Our Video

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