Mary and Adam

Mary and Adam's Engagement in On the sidewalk where we met

How We Met

I had recently moved to Princeton, NJ without knowing anyone so I decided to give Bumble a try. I swiped left for Adam on a Wednesday and we matched! We share little details about ourselves and found out that we both grew up at the beach. We decided to officially meet at a bar on Friday night. With only an idea of what Adam looked like, I approached a man on the sidewalk outside the bar and reached out to shake his hand, “Hi, I’m Mary”. Without hesitation, Adam went right in for the hug and introduced himself. That night we shared stories and laughs and neither of us wanted it to end! Adam and I quickly fell in love and have been inseparable since!

Where to Propose in On the sidewalk where we met

how they asked

Adam and I had planned to head into town that afternoon. After running errands, Adam suggested we take a walk through the beautiful Princeton University campus. As we walked past the historic, ivy-drawn buildings we reminisced about the epic ultimate frisbee game that we created on campus and the many times we found ourselves getting lost in the beauty of the surroundings. We left campus and headed down Witherspoon Street, the street where we first met. As we approached the spot where we first exchanged our awkward handshake-hug, Adam turned to me, got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever!