Mary and Adam

How We Met

We matched on the online dating site Tinder on May 5th, 2017. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on May 19th, 2017. Who would have thought an online dating site would have brought me my Prince Charming? I sure didn’t but I can’t imagine my life without Adam. He is my person. My rock. He always makes me laugh. We have had so many adventures and many more to come. I always call our relationship love at first swipe. He is the Woody to my Buzz Lightyear; Peter Pan to my Tinkerbell; my everything.

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How They Asked

It was our two year anniversary of dating so we decided to go to one of our usual date spots the Long Beach Boardwalk. Adam invited his sister Lisa and Justin to come along with us and it was also Justin’s birthday as well. So I figured we were all just hanging out and enjoying the weather. We started walking on the beach. We were walking for a while until we got over by the jetty’s(rocks). I was still completely oblivious. Justin and Lisa were doing their own thing. Adam asked if I wanted to stand on the jetties. I was like okay.

I don’t remember what he said exactly but a few things do stick out. When he said we love the beach which is true we do it was one of our first date spots and still a go-to date spot for us; when he said I love you and when he got down on his knee with the ring box (upside down) and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said the box is upside down but yes!!!! Then I completely bawled like a baby and we hugged for a while and kissed.

Special Thanks

Lisa Weingarten
 | From Planning to being there to taking photos
Justin Rigo
 | Our proposal video ; sharing his birthday with us and holding our things
Cecilia Ammann
 | Our Matching Shirts