Mary-Alice and Jimmy

How We Met

Over a warm weekend in early June, my tennis team played in an annual tournament against our friends at the Pebble Beach Club. I lucked out my second match by playing against a lovely woman, named Susie, who I connected with from the moment I met her. After a fun match, we got off the court and she excitedly turned to me, “I just have to ask you…are you single??!” Even though we had just met, it seemed so natural, and I happily replied, “I actually am…!” We both smiled at each other, and Susie then said, “I have to introduce you to my son!” Before I knew it, I was meeting a large portion of Susie’s extended family, and I was immediately eager to meet her son, Jimmy. I felt such a warmth and familiarity with Susie from the very beginning, I had no question that I wanted to meet her son. So the next day, to my delight, Jimmy arrived at the courts. Susie found me near center court and energetically introduced me to Jimmy.

I never knew I believed in love at first sight until meeting Jimmy. The butterflies in my stomach were uncontrollable, and I was certain they were going to fly out from within me. I felt my smile growing increasingly large, as I couldn’t resist giving Jimmy a ‘nice to meet you’ hug. His warmth, smile, ingenuity, and sincerity were evident immediately. I melted. He was from that moment on, my prince charming. We ate lunch together and were so enamored with each other, that we failed to acknowledge anyone else at our table. Then, without hesitation, we went out on the court and played tennis for hours. I never wanted to leave but realized I had better get on the road before sundown. Jimmy waved me goodbye and promised we’d see each other that next weekend. He planted a sweet kiss on my cheek before I hopped in my car, and I was certain I was going to levitate from happiness.

how they asked

Fast forward, 9 months and over 2,000 shared photos together, Jimmy and I have fit what feels like 3 years of activities into the time we’ve been dating. With our mutual love for family, friends, and adventure we have spent nearly every weekend together since the meeting, and if you ask me, that isn’t nearly enough! :) We knew from the beginning, that our love is true and forever, and so deciding to tie the knot was a topic that came up very naturally. Just a few weeks ago in late March, Jimmy and I had planned to spend the weekend with my parents and his in Pebble Beach. I went into it thinking I knew the plans for the whole weekend, and boy was I wrong! Jimmy surprised me on numerous accounts.

We had a tennis lesson planned at the same location where we first met. This time, it would be more special than even the last. After the lesson, Jimmy brought me to the same exact spot where we met and told me to close my eyes. I opened them to the love of my life, promising me his heart for the rest of our lives. With a resounding scream of YES!!! I leaped into his arms, where I’ve felt at home since the beginning.

Jimmy continued to surprise me with our entire families running over with champagne, and a surprise dinner that night with friends who had come in from out of town. I’m still beaming with excitement, and will be forever knowing I get to spend it with Jimmy! xoxo