Mary Alex and Steele

How We Met

Our families are both long-time Athens locals that go back generations of friendships, so we had always known of each other. However, in high school, Steele’s senior year and my freshman year, we had culinary arts class together. That same semester, my dad hired him to take my brothers to soccer practice each day and work at the family jewelry store. Steele was chasing after me the whole next year, but I just wouldn’t give him the time of day until one night he brought my brothers home from practice and we stayed up talking until 3 AM in my kitchen. Steele texted me soon after and asked me on a date. Within a week, Steele came up to our lake house on Burton with my family where he asked me to be his girlfriend, told me he loved me and said he knew he was going to marry me one day. I thought he was crazy because I was only 16, but every day since then it’s been nothing less than perfect. ?

how they asked

This past weekend, we went up to Lake Burton with all my closest girlfriends for what I thought was just a fun lake weekend for everyone to see where I grew up spending my summers. It was supposed to rain all weekend, however, when we woke up on Saturday the skies were clear and we had perfect weather. We spent the day on the lake and then got ready for what I thought were just “cute pictures”.

However, Steele took me back down to the cove where I grew up and where he asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he was going to marry me back when I was 16, and fulfilled that promise as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in that exact same spot, 5 years later, in front of all our closest friends. It couldn’t have been more perfect or sentimental. We still feel like we are dreaming. ☺

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