A Romantic Chicago Proposal Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

the black tux headerMarwa Saleh and Mario Morales were introduced on Snapchat by a mutual friend over Thanksgiving break in 2014, and started dating the following spring. Mario knew he wanted to propose last fall, but was looking for a little help pulling it off. We teamed up with The Black Tux and proposal planners to help Mario ask Disney-loving Marwa to marry him in a scene that brought their love story to life, complete with—spoiler alert!—a fairy-tale ending.

chicago lakeside proposal

The idea

Since Marwa loves Disney movies, Mario hoped to create a romantic storybook-themed proposal. “I wanted to mimic the scene from Tangled where they’re in the water and see all the floating lanterns,” he says. The Yes Girls helped him create a stunning backdrop with rose petals, pastel flowers, twinkle lights and gold lanterns to give the setting a whimsical feel.

lakeside chicago proposal

His look

Mario looked like Prince Charming in a tailored midnight blue tuxedo jacket with black pants from The Black Tux. “It made me feel very confident,” he says. “I loved the style and that it wasn’t just plain black.”

lakeside chicago proposal

The Proposal

Marwa’s best friend, Sherine, led her to Axehead Lake, a forest preserve outside Chicago, under the guise of attending an outdoor wedding. Mario was waiting there with a tablet set up to play a video highlight reel of their relationship, interspersed with some of Marwa’s favorite Disney movie scenes.

lakeside chicago proposal

After it ended, he got down on one knee to begin their happily ever after.

lakeside chicago proposal

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