Martina and Tyler

Image 1 of Martina and TylerHow We Met: Tyler and I knew each other in elementary before he moved away. My junior year of high school he moved back. About 2 weeks after he moved back we started dating.

how they asked: On our 3rd year anniversary I just knew he was going to propose. Wedding talk had come up and I was so excited. Of course, it didn’t happen. 4 days later my mother and grandmother and I had gone to Walmart to get some groceries

and when we got back home my grandpas shop was on fire it seemed. There was smoke coming from every crease in the building. So I called Tyler, he’s a volunteer fireman in our town. When he didn’t answer me I told my grandma and she got her phone out to call 911. A few mminutes later Tyler called my

mom to check on everyone which seemed odd to me why he wouldn’t answer me. A bit later him and 2 of his buddies showed up in the firetrucks. I was already worried and in tears having never seen him go into a burning building. A little bit passed and they came back out and Tyler came over to talk to me and my grandpa as the rest of my family stood a ways behind us. Tyler told my grandpa that it had been an electrical shortage and it was taken care of. As my grandpa walked off I started to follow him until I heard Tyler say, ”

Wait.. One more thing.” I turned around to see him get down on one knee and pull out a gorgeous diamond ring. He

had planned it for months and knew I was expecting it on our anniversary. My whole family was in on it, my grandmas call to 911 was fake, and he had even called his fire chief to schedule that he would have the trucks for the afternoon. We are getting married June 06, 2015.

Image 2 of Martina and Tyler