Martina and Sami

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How We Met

Sami and I met at university whilst both completing our studies. He had
noticed me first and timed his lunches with mine so that we could have
coffee together. At first, I was a bit clueless and thought nothing of it, until
he asked me to watch the Vivid lights with him (our first date). And it’s been
the most amazing four years since then!

How They Asked

He had convinced me that we were celebrating my graduation and that he
was taking me out for dinner. I had no idea where we were going, and I was confused the whole way there. And being the nosey person I am, I kept asking “Where are we
going?” Off course he kept diverting my question and when I got into the
elevator and those doors finally opened, I was absolutely blown away and
couldn’t help but cry.

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co
 | Planning
My Proposal Co
 | Stylist
Studio Barakat
 | Photographer