Martina and Michael

How We Met

It was the beginning of April 2014 at a mutual friend’s house when Michael and I first met. I was a California girl fairly new to Kauai, Hawaii; curious of the island and of the people. The night was full of conversation, mellow music, and a house of friendly faces that casually posed for a film camera. I noticed Michael, a local boy with a cool reserved yet kind demeanor. Without talking to each other individually for most of the night we still sensed felt a strong familiarity between us, sparking an immediate connection. I was drawn to Michael’s quiet and respectful manner; not to mention he sure was a sight for sore eyes.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kauai, Hawaii

He said he gravitated towards my charm, beauty, wit, and the way I laughed unreservedly –bearing an infectious smile that made him want to grin too. At the end of the night, I told my good friend that I felt that Michael and I would be good friends. My premonition was spot on and luckily was surpassed. After that night we pursued a friendship for some time; our fondness for each other blossoming in emotion and strength until Michael mustered the courage to ask me out on our first date. May 18th, 2014 was the marked beginning of our relationship, devotedness, and journey.

How They Asked

On our four year anniversary, Michael brought me down to Mahalepu –a beautiful area on our island of Hawaii, under pretenses of a professional anniversary photoshoot. He had planted the idea in my head prior to have my nails done before our session; something for which I am especially thankful knowing now that these pictures would capture such a beautiful moment. His thoughtfulness will never go unnoticed.

It was a beautiful evening where silver clouds lined the sky and lush greens edged the cliff. We smiled and laughed and posed for pictures, taking in each other’s faces and the scenery. We walked along with the amber dirt, passing a pasture of horses on the way. Barefoot, our feet in the Earth I felt rooted to both the beautiful island and to Michael. It felt intimate; it was perfect.

As we sashayed and moved in the dusk light, switching sides as our photographer snapped away I barely had time to look down and realize that Michael had got down on one knee. He asked me to marry him; I cried “Yes!” I was overcome with emotion and adoration at the grin on Michael’s face in his victory of pulling off an amazing engagement proposal.

Not only did Michael stupefy me with a magical proposal, he in advance asked for my dad’s blessing while on our last visit to my home base in California and even invited some of my closest friends on the island to dinner directly following our engagement. It was beautiful to be able to share our occasion with loved ones and to feel the joy in my families voices as I called them one by one to share the news. Michael truly made me feel special with his surprises; something that I look forward to as we embark on our journey to marriage.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Michah Camara
 | Photographer
Chelsea Vasquez
 | Videographer