Martina and Josh

How We Met

We met at the large communal table at San Francisco’s Nopa restaurant. He flirted through my mom, who sat in between us and acted as the worlds best wing woman. He was flanked by his brother and two gal pals. I wasn’t sure if they were on a double date or if it was OK to flirt back as shamelessly as I did. He casually slipped me his business card before we left, offering to provide top notch intel on the neighborhoods food scene. I am not the type of gal that waits around because you’re ‘supposed’ to so I threw game to the wind and reached out as soon as I got home. This was four years ago… and it’s been about four years since I figured out he was a winner.

how they asked

He proposed on a 13 mile hike through the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur, CA. We packed a lunch and when we were about 8 miles in, I couldn’t understand why he was so hungry but no patch of grass seemed good enough for him to want to sit down on. Little did I know he had big plans for this very picnic!

Image 1 of Martina and Josh

We unexpectedly came across the historic Overstrom homestead site, originally built in 1932. The house burned down in the Basin Complex Fire in 2008 but the foundation to the home and the barn remain. Grass and wildflowers have grown tall around the foundations, and Josh found the perfect spot at the upper portion of the property overlooking the mountain ridges to the left and rugged coast below.

During our relatively grueling uphill climb, we had talked about how we would be consuming most of the water and snacks we had packed so on the way down we wouldn’t have to carry as much. He then snuck up alongside me, lovingly tackled me (from one knee) and told me he had carried something up that he wanted me to carry down. This is when he asked me to marry him. I said f*** yes [feel free to remove this phrase if inappropriate for your site].

Image 2 of Martina and Josh

Without a single bar of connectivity on Tanbark Trail, we got to enjoy the first few hours of engagement just the two of us.

Image 3 of Martina and Josh