Martina and Jamal

Image 1 of Martina and Jamal

How We Met

I had just gotten into medical school. It was my first day on the island (Carribean med school) and I had to go into the office to get everything settled. Walking in, I noticed three guys and one of them had a NCCU Tennis bracelet. Having played tennis competitively and throughout college, I immediately got excited and instead of saying hi or even introducing myself, I looked at him and said: “You play tennis !?”. He started looking around thinking maybe he had his racquets with him. I told him I noticed the bracelet, a brief chit chat later and we were both on our separate ways. What I didn’t know was that Jamal would be a part of a tiny group 5 people to meet up later that day. You can imagine the face I made when I saw we were both a part of a group of 5 out of hundreds of students.

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How They Asked

We were headed to our medical school graduation. We were dating for almost 4 years at that point but, with his family being from the Bahamas, mine from Canada and mix in some global pandemic into this, our families never got the chance to meet in person. He wanted to do a nice dinner to introduce the families prior to graduation so he made a reservation in South beach. Let’s just say that I am the organizer in the relationship so that felt somewhat odd but, I wasn’t really questioning it. We arrived at the restaurant. We had a nice secluded part of it for our dinner, everyone is having a good time, we are eating and drinking. Due to us being students and not having time to do a whole lot but study, I didn’t think that a proposal was coming any time soon. After eating, I went to the bathroom and coming back, he not only was talking to the staff but, when he came back, he stayed standing up and started giving a speech. I wasn’t thinking much at the time since he likes giving toasts during important moments. After he was done, a giant cake came my way. When it was set on the table, I read: “Will you marry me?”.

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