Martin and Mary's Proposal in Greenwich Park

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how we met

Mary and I met in 2009. I was still a student and Mary was, together with a good friend of mine, on the board of our student association. As a gala was approaching for our student association, this friend of mine who was on the board asked me whether I would be willing to accompany Mary to the gala. Since I always thought she was a very nice looking woman and very smart too, I was honoured to be her date. As you might have guessed, yes, the gala was quite a success.

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how they asked

A couple of months before I asked Mary, this was mid 2014, she was actually trying to hint to me that we should get married in 2015. According to her schedule this would fit in perfect with our careers and financial situation. At one point she even said that if we were to get married in 2015, which was according to her an ideal year to get married, I should really get thinking of asking her somewhere in 2014. I however, not really liking to be told what to do, said to her “I’m definitely not asking you in 2014”. What Mary didn’t know was that I had actually already been planning the whole thing before she had even started doing her calculations and planning. I had contacted Sam and Diane from Green Antlers Photography, which I knew Mary really loved for their work, asking if they would be available for a photoshoot in November 2014 during which I would propose to Mary. She had always said that she loved it if there was a possibility to capture the moment of proposing.

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Fast forward a couple of months to November 2014. Asking Mary to marry me was actually kind of hard to do. See, Mary hates surprises and I was set on asking her in London during a photoshoot. So, I had to keep this a secret but I couldn’t tell her that I had a surprise for her in store either, as this would probably ruin everything. This was especially hard, since Mary likes to plan all kind of things during our visit to London, including the afternoon I had planned for the photoshoot. At some point, shortly before leaving to London, I had to tell her that I had something planned for one afternoon. Luckily, her birthday was also around this time, so I could play this all on a ‘birthday present’. She kindly but stringently reminded me that she didn’t like surprises and asked me to tell her what the plan was. I persevered and managed to keep it a secret until the afternoon itself by saying, “We’re just going to have dinner.”

At the beginning of the afternoon I took her to a place where I hired a tandem bicycle (something she had always wanted to do with me) and we drove the tandem bicycle to Greenwich park, where I had decided to meet with Sam and Diane. I like biking a lot and the weather was really good this day (even though it was late November!) but I can tell you, this was one of the most nervous bike rides of my life. All the way thinking we needed to be on time in Greenwich park and making sure she would not suspect anything by maintaining my best pokerface ever. Finally, upon arriving in Greenwich park we quickly met with Sam and Diane and walked to some nice places in Greenwich park they knew by heart. We shot some nice pictures at first and not after long I grabbed the bracelet I had bought her and asked her to marry me.

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This turned out to be one of the best photos we had ever done. The relief of finally telling Mary everything I had kept a secret the last couple of months and the joy of realising we were engaged, it all made for a happy moment where we completely forgot about the camera significantly reducing the amount of awkward ‘shit-how-do-I-pretend-not-knowing-there’s-a-camera-on-me’-photos. We were really lucky with the weather too. The low angle of the sun and half cloudy sky made for some beautiful settings in the park.

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At last, we didn’t get married in 2015 as Mary had planned herself at the beginning of this whole story. She had completely abandoned the idea of marrying in 2015 after I told her I was’t going to ask her in 2014. It turned out that I had actually managed to keep it a real good surprise that it took a while for Mary to finally realize that we were actually engaged.

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But of course that doesn’t matter. We decided not to hurry the wedding plans and as I speak we are slowly planning to get married next year, which as most things that get postponed, turn out to even better decisions than the initial plan.

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