Martin and Cassie

How We Met

Long story short :) – Martin and I met each other on the night of January 3rd, 2017, and to be more specific, at a popular nightclub in Vietnam. I often get the reaction “How did that even happen?” from people whom I’ve told my story to, which was understandable. Martin lives in Melbourne, Australia and I currently live in Maryland, USA. I have never been to the land down under nor have I ever once thought I would be engaged to an Australian dude. Yup…~ At that time, I was visiting my family in Vietnam and preparing myself for the stress that my last semester of nursing school would bring. My auntie (who was around my age) messaged me while I was being lazy and asked if I wanted to go eat. Of course, it was food, I never say no to food! So I put on a t-shirt & a pair of shorts, like I was going out to JUST eat. The next thing I knew, my auntie and her friends were all wearing clubbing outfits and I had to borrow one of her friends’ dress and heels (I was so ready to bail out at this point).

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We ate & later arrived at the club and waited for more people to come join us. While I was sitting uncomfortably in “not my dress” and questioning my decision to even got out of bed, I saw a group of guys rolling towards us. At this point, I just wanted to drink so I didn’t really care who they were. In my head, I just thought “ugh this dude is so tall”. We all formed a group and headed to the club. We drank. We danced. We got drunk. Then, I noticed that same tall guy was trying to get closer to me. We started talking and I asked what “state” he was from. He answered “Victoria”. I said okay and thought maybe I was just really bad at geography because I didn’t know what state Victoria was…but no…this dude was all the way from Australia. I thought to myself, “screw it, Yolo, I’ll never see him again”. We talked more and eventually, all of us moved to another club for round 2.

Everything started to become very fuzzy at this point. The next thing I remembered was me throwing up on his arm when he was being nice & taking me back to my hotel. And yeah, I kicked him out of my hotel that night and refused to let him stay because I needed to throw up some more (alone) and then pass out (also alone). We got in touch with each other the next morning. Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed for the mess I unintentionally left on his arm. He came over that night and we spent the night from talking and watching youtube videos to having late snacks and falling asleep with each other. He left the morning after; we made plan to go to dinner and at last.. said goodbye to each other because I had to fly back home later that night. This dude really took me to the airport, helped me with my luggage, and waited for me to go in before leaving the airport….after knowing me for not even the full 48 hours.

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I didn’t think we would be able to keep in touch but we did… It was difficult but we fought through it all. Oh yeah, I was the one who actually did the chasing because he rejected me the first time I asked…and after 15 minutes of reasoning, he finally folded and agreed to try out this long distance relationship thing. In May 2017, Martin came to visit me after I graduated from nursing school, and we went on a 2-months long vacation..traveling to different places. My family absolutely adores him. He was there through my whole emotional rollercoaster when I had to prepare for my nursing license exam (and for this, I am forever grateful <3). Not too long after that, I packed my bags and flew back to Vietnam with him and then we took off to Australia. This was when I realized that this guy will, unfortunately, be stuck with me for a really..long..time..<3 <3

how they asked

Martin had planned a 1-week trip to Queenstown, NZ for us. I had no idea that the ring was well hidden in his suitcase all along. We’d usually share the same suitcase but this time, he didn’t want to, he wanted his own suitcase. Our first couple of days in Queenstown, we got into silly fights and eventually made up; he kept doing and saying suspicious things….like dropping hints and stuff. One day, while we were driving, he had this very serious look on his face and said: “Babe, I think I need more time”. Of course, I was sad..but I was more upset at his suspicious behavior for the past couple of days. We talked it out and he said he would tell me all about it and would take me to a fun place the next day. On the way to this “fun place”, I was extremely quiet because I was just sleepy…and apparently..he was really nervous and tried to make conversations with me. Haha…Well, when we got there, I was taken by surprise because he had booked a helicopter ride for our anniversary. I was in awe. My first helicopter ride ever and little did I know….it’d be the helicopter ride of a lifetime!

We got to the top of one of those mountains in Queenstown. As we were taking pictures, he turned to me, looked at me, and said: “I have a question to ask you”. I said “What?”. He reached into his pocket. My heart started racing. At that time, I literally thought he was pulling a prank on me..until I saw that he pulled out a white box. I looked at him and said “shut up..” I didn’t know why I said that but I did. He got down on one knee, opened the box, and asked me to marry him.

Everything happened so fast and my happy tears started coming out but they were frozen right at the corner of my eyes because it was freezing cold….. We got engaged in New Zealand :)