Martha and Tony's Ferris Wheel Proposal

How we met

It was just like any other day. Halloween was something Tony and I have talked about since summer. It was our first time dressing up together. The very first time we fell in love was on Halloween 3 years ago. We spent the night at Balboa Island listening to acoustic music, walking around the empty downtown area (very similar to the scene in The Notebook) and I made the first move and held his hand. That night we had our first kiss.

how they asked

Now it’s Halloween 2015 and I wake up with the worst allergies of my life. My 2 best friends seemed more excited than usual and Tony was happier than he usually was. The plan was for my best friends and I to get our nails done, and dress up in our costumes to go to Balboa Island. Tony and his friends would meet us there. My best friend Valerie, is a professional photographer and insisted on bringing her camera to have a photoshoot of mine and Tony’s Mary Poppins inspired costumes. When my friends and I got there, we met up with Tony and our other friends. We went to the “Fun Zone” and little did I know, played our last air hockey game as boyfriend and girlfriend. After our game a few of us wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel that was there. I got so excited because Tony and I have always wanted to ride it together, but never got the chance. When we were going up on the ride you could see nothing but the beautiful bay on the left, the ocean on the right, and all of Balboa Island. It was right before the sun was going down, so the lighting was beautiful. Tony then asked me, “Do you remember when we came here 3 years ago and fell in love?” And I said, “yes, of course I do! It was so beautiful…” And he got right to the point and with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him he asked, “will you marry me?” I couldn’t stop laughing and saying “are you serious?! I knew it!” And finally said, “I DO!” To my best friend. The man of my dreams…

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Special Thanks

Valerie Denise Photos
 | Photographer