Martha and Logan

logan and martha 2

How We Met

We met on a 5k run at a church conference. I thought since I was in pretty good shape I could finish no problem. She walked over to me before the race and asked if she could store her things by mine since i had a blanket and backpack, so i said yes. We talked for a few minutes then she was gone. She was the most beautiful girl there, but I figured she had more important things to do than talk to a stranger. When the race started, I got creamed. EVERYONE passed me. We ended up being around each other for the rest of the day, so I asked if she’d like to come to dinner with me and my friends. As we went out, my good pals made sure every chair was taken except the one by me. That was at 4:30. We talked and talked for hours without realizing until everyone we were with was gone. The next thing i know its almost 11 and we’ve barely gotten up to talk to the car. I knew I loved her from that moment, and the next weekend i packed up my 82 vw rabbit and drove 4 hours and took 2 ferries just to take her on a date. The rest is History.

how they asked

We had been dating for a while long distance and things had been really really rough, she’d even broken up with me a couple times, but I just wouldn’t give up. Somehow, every time she cut things off, we’d end up calling on the phone for hours just talking about our day, and falling back in love. I was heading off to school in Idaho soon, definitely not as pretty as Seattle, and she was planning to come with me. It was January and her birthday was coming up. She had a great job and a good bunch of friends that she was all ready to leave for me, and I knew that she was hurting. I drove from Idaho to Seattle overnight to make it for her party and surprised her! We had a blast, but I told her i had to leave early the next afternoon to make it back in time for a test at school (which I clearly didn’t have). The next day we spent the morning together before i had to leave, her old college track team just HAPPENED to be in town at a track meet, all her friends were there, and I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. After stopping by the track meet at the University of Washington, i told her i really had to go and we parted ways, little did she know, I had something up my sleeve. As soon as she drove off, my bestfriend rolled up, we ran over to the grocery store where i got changed in the bathroom, and he bought flowers, we met back up and rushed downtown to seattle to meet up with my friends from Canada who I had told to meet us. Right as we made sure everyone had gotten down ok, i ran to Kerry park, overlooking seattle and the space needle for sunset. Her sisters drove her up. I was sitting on a park bench with flowers in my hand. She never even saw me. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her from behind She was so surprised, she still had no idea what was going on. I got on my knee and told her quite simply, you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, and I am so in love with you, will you marry me ? She started laughing hysterically and didn’t even really get a full yes out! She nodded and I stood up as she cried and laughed all at once. We had some pictures taken by her brother, then I told her we had one more surprise. We drove to Ivars restaurant on the pier for dinner. When we walked in she saw her WHOLE college track team, and all our closest friends waiting at the tables. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. We had an incredible evening and have been madly in love ever since.