Martha and John

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How We Met

John and I met in highschool, both dated different people and never in a million years would have thought God and life had different plans for us both. After high school we lost contact but would see each other everywhere we went (it was no coincidence, it was fate)! We became close as time went on till we finally realized we weren’t meant to be friends but lovers. One day as “friends” he even told me “you don’t know this yet but you will be my wife and mother of our kids”. (I of course thought he was losing his mind) but the fact he even said that gave me instant butterflies. Made it official Aug 18,2008

how they asked

We already had our 3rd kid by this time, and I was sure not expecting a proposal at least not this particular day…it was Father’s Day 2015 and my sisters and I with our significant others and kids planned a get away to a house on the beach for the summer. We all got ready to go out and have father day dinner. John and I were all dressed waiting for everyone else to finish up when he said let’s take a walk to the barn (which was around the rented summer house) so we did that and talked about the future and how he never wanted to miss a family vacation with my family and I . He asked if I was sure he was the one I wanted coming a long.. i laughed and said of course, DUH! We walked back in the house where my 3 sisters and our oldest son held up “WILL YOU MARRY ME ? ” signs on the stairways with rose pedals on the floor. I lost it , and as I said yes white balloons came down . This was a year ago and still feels like the most perfect dream come true .

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