Martha and Dave

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Connecticut

How We Met

Dave and I met in August 2016 a few months after I moved to Connecticut from NYC. At that time he was living and working at a boarding school in a different part of the state. We went to the same college and overlapped for a year where we likely attended the same parties and shared a number of mutual friends. Years later one of those friends thought it would be fun to set us up. We met at a bar during a horrific rainstorm (trees down in the road, etc.) where I almost cancelled on him but my roommate encouraged me to go out! We immediately clicked and talked, drank, and danced for 5+ hours! Although we were an hour’s drive from each other in CT, we made the commute every other weekend to visit each other and once we both realized this was our forever person, we committed to moving in together in 2018.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Connecticut

How They Asked

In November of last year, Dave’s mom gave him a beautiful family ring from his great Aunt Hazel from which he used the diamond and had it re-set with a gold band and platinum prongs. He asked my parents on Christmas and received their approval.


When the weekend came, my family was congregated for Easter at my home in West Hartford. My brother flew up from Durham, my sister was in from southern CT and their significant others from NYC were there too! We had got back from church and were getting ready to head over to brunch with his parents driving in to come with us. When they arrived, we toured them around the house including the backyard. Dave stopped in the garden as everyone kept walking and got down on one knee in front of my family and his and asked for my hand in marriage. After an emotional YES, I turned around and both our families were standing in a row clapping and cheering! It was such a special moment and he saved me my first 4 phone calls!!!

I had told Dave a long time ago that I got a nice bottle of Dom Perignon for my 18 birthday and, at the time, thought 18 wasn’t celebration enough for such a beautiful bottle and he remembered that comment and showed up with the bottle a few moments later and all 14 people gathered got a glass 12 years after my 18th birthday.