Marshall and Micah

Proposal Ideas Bryant Park

How We Met

We met at the UCB East Village location on January 12th, 2015. Yes, I remember the exact date. It was a Monday night, and I was with people from my improv class celebrating getting into the advanced study program at UCB. Micah was a bartender there (The Hot Chicks Room). I had lost my phone the Friday night before, and remember striking up a conversation with Micah about the new phone I was setting up while sitting at the bar. We spent all of spring 2015 playing a game of Will we-won’t we date. By the time early summer rolled around, it was official!

How They Asked

It was the most shocking moment of my life! I was performing with the Big Apple Circus and had just finished a holiday marathon of shows. 8 days in a row of two and three shows a day. It was January 2nd, and my first day off from the circus. My family was coming in that night to see the circus on January 3rd. After a nice dinner with my parents, my now-fiancé said he knew of a bar he used to go to while he was working on his last TV Show. He took the lead and suggested we cut through Bryant Park.

As the park fountain came into view I noticed a couple of our friends and assumed they’d just been to a show. As we kept walking further in, more friends materialized, and suddenly 20+ of our best friends were surrounding us— blowing bubbles, and taking pictures on disposable cameras. I started to get what was happening and started screaming and crying. Micah got down on one knee and presented me with my great-grandmother’s ring. After I squealed our a yes, we popped champagne right there before all walking to this silly beer hall to celebrate!