'Marry Me' Nike Sneaker Proposal

Marry Me Nike Sneaker Proposal 1

How we met

Our first glimpse of each was at her cousin’s wedding about 5 years ago.  I was friends with the groom and she was the maid of honor for her cousin.  We had no idea who we were.  But for one moment we locked eyes. Long story short we never got setup by her cousin even though I had asked her about Maria a couple of times.  So fast forward to May of 2014, we both were on Match.com and had  pretty bad experiences.  As I was about to cancel by subscription, I saw Maria and sent a “wink”.  After a couple of weeks back and forth we finally picked a time for the “first meeting”.  The rest is literally history.  From the first night we meet until present, forever is our ending.

how they asked

Maria is a Health and Physical Education teacher and has over 180 pairs of sneakers.  Needless to say this is where her Maid of Honor and I got the idea.  Her MOH and I were trying to figure out what brand of sneakers to use, so to the “sneaker room” I went.  Over 150 pairs of her sneakers are Nike….so it was NIKEid to the rescue and I made the now famous sneakers. I had the ring specially made by my jeweler because I knew Maria loved the rope style setting.  I had to wait another 3 weeks for the sneakers to come and everyone knows I don’t like to wait. I received the sneaker and placed the ring in side the sneaker box.  While I was driving to her house I was getting nervous so I was listening to some Frank Sinatra,  he calms me down.  So before I walk in I made sure I had everything perfect.  I walked in the door and noticed she is in the kitchen cooking.  I nervously said, “Hey hun I bought you a pair of sneakers and I know you hate when I pay full price but I think you will love these”.  I turn into the kitchen got down on one knee and she started waving a knife in the air yelling….”what the hell is going on” and I said “Maria will you marry me”.  She FINALLY put the knife down and responded with a YES!!

Marry Me Nike Sneaker Proposal