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How We Met

So how did my fiancé and I meet you say? Well I met my fiancé Kevin aka KB at a Filipino basketball league at briarwood Jhs gym in Queens NY. I just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and was single at that time. And he happen to be single as well. So as I was going about my day my cousin and I went to the theaters to watch breaking dawn2 and my cousin Rj asked me to come support their team at briarwood for ball, so my cousin Darlene and I had nothing to do the rest of the day so we both decided to go support the team. As we got closer to the gym my cousin and I was just expecting to watch the game and eat our fries and burgers from five guys, not expecting my fiancé to be there at the same place same time. Kevin my fiancé just finished playing ball with his team, and was watching other teams play including my cousin Rj’s.

As I was sitting on the bleachers Kevin was talking to my friend Gabe who he knew as well, what a coincidence. Kevin asked Gabe if any of the girls that were sitting in that one section at the bleachers where I was sitting single? And he answerd yes and pointed at me. And mind you at that time my guard was up so I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone new and putting any effort in any new relationship. Soo any way Gabe put in a good word for me saying that I was the nicest and the same age as him. And of course from that day on he was very much interested. As the game ended I went home, and do get a Facebook message from Kevin. He asked me many questions, from what color I liked,food, age and if I remembered what he was wearing lol. But as he was asking me I was being a big pain and giving him a hard time, you know playing hard to get cuz I got hurt from my last relationship.

So after that day ignored his texts and messages on purpose to test him and see if he was really in it for me or just a fling. After those 2 weeks of ignoring him I felt bad and usually when I meet a guy I’m ever mean I’m always the flirty type, I decided to hit him back up and texted him. He was suprised that I did hit him back up cuz he was having doubts bout me after not hitting him up for a while, and he was about to move on, but for some reason I called him and he wasn’t expecting a call and we talked for hours almost everyday. Our relationship love story grew stronger everyday and I was able to trust him.

After we met for the first time, we both realized that we know and have the same group of friends, and that we did meet once before at a lounge and he was tipsy at that time and asked me what my name was and I told him and I wasn’t interested at that time. So as soon as I retraced back my memory i said ” oh snap I did meet you before lol” just didn’t realize it at that time. So basically we were underneath each other’s noses for years but never noticed till we met and until he asked me out. I guess it was just destined for us to be together all along after soo many years lol. Only timing can tell.. Interesting how life works itself out.

how they asked

Kevin had this planned for months. He was planning on going on vacation for my birthday to California and Vegas. So we decided to go to Disney cuz we haven’t been to Disneyland yet and as soon as we get to magic kingdom we were approaching closer to the castle and thought that he was going to propose then and there, cuz he was talking to the photographer and thought he was planning something so I got my hopes up and when he came back nothing ended up happening. Yea I was disappointed, but I just went about my day cuz it was still my birthday week so I wanted to enjoy it as much as I can. Everything happened to go smoothly without us fighting over something little and I even noticed that the cast members at the park were super nice which was kinda odd.

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As we got through the day the sun was setting and time for the night life electric parade and fire works right after. As I watched the fire works and having a great time, he tapped me on my shoulder and got on one knee with a smile and asked me to marry him..

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I was super shocked and surprised and hesitated for a bit but did say yes.

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I was soo overwhelmed, teary eyed , overjoyed , butterflies in my stomach and was shaking while I gave him the biggest hug.

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He was just as excited, happy and nervous for the most part lol. I was wondering how he did it lol. He ended up telling me after a while how he planned it and just winged it lol. The whole time at the park he kept telling me he had a tummy ache and asked him if he needed to use the bathroom and kept saying no, so I went with it. He told me that he was just nervous and had butterflies the whole day and that’s what it was.

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