This "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"- Inspired Proposal is Too Cute for Words

How We Met

Vinny and I met in college. We had one of those funny relationships where we were great friends, but always liked each other at different times. It wasn’t until we had a class together that I think it clicked and we both knew we’d make a pretty good match.

With that said, being the silly, fun loving college kids we were, the timing still wasn’t right. We parted ways after graduating….Vince moved up to San Francisco and I moved to Santa Monica.

We reunited in Las Vegas about 1 year later at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Sparks flew (for me at least!) but Vince wasn’t feeling well so we hardly got to catch up.

I decided I would just take a chance and go up to San Francisco for a weekend. Of course I was cheeky about it and told Vince I was visiting a friend, but also made it abundantly clear that he should take me on a date!

1 date turned into an incredible weekend, and we finally were officially together. The next year was amazing – jam packed with trips between LA and SF. Things got even better when I decided to move up to SF – we had so much fun living in the same city that the rest turned into history :)

how they asked

Vince and I were always attached at the hip on weekends – which is why it was so strange (and no fun!) that for about 2 months, Vince was in our office working on a project that he said would help him learn how to use Adobe Illustrator…for work. I didn’t really think twice about it…just let him do his thing (while continually bugging him to hang out!).

One Saturday, I headed off to my gym class – little did I know, I was about to have the most epic weekend of my life. When I got home (sweaty and disgusting), Vince told me he finally finished his project. I was SO excited because this meant he would finally be able to hang out with me again!

I excitedly asked to see it and he handed me a book titled If you make Vince a Sandwich, with the cutest little cartoon of a little boy (Vince) on the cover. I sat down to read through this amazing book that Vince wrote and illustrated – might I add it was dedicated to ‘the girl that always gives him cuddles’ and was a story about Vince and Katie (me!).

See the full book here.

Vince disappeared into the other room. I kept reading through the book, which by the end (to my COMPLETE surprise) asked me to marry him!!!! Naturally, tears started streaming down my face – I started screaming “VINCE” and clumsily ran into the other room, where there was a big sign posted that said ‘I AM ON THE ROOF.’

I scrambled up to the rooftop deck and there he was (a bit bigger and older than the little Vince in the book) on one knee, with the most gorgeous ring. I pummeled him.

Everyone has these cute pictures of a guy on one knee and a girl with her hands clasped over her mouth. Nope. Not us. I basically threw myself on him and was a disgusting, sweaty, crying mess. It was perfect.

Vince had champagne and snacks up on the roof, but I could hardly pay attention to anything I was so excited (except for the champagne of course….I drank that without a problem!).

And it gets better (how is that even possible?!). We had plans to meet my brother for lunch. Vince discouraged me from calling my family/friends until after lunch. I didn’t want to wait, but he’s convincing when he wants to be, so I did. I quickly got ready, so incredibly high on life, and we walked over to lunch. That’s when this happened:

Vince had my entire family fly in and planned a massive surprise party to celebrate!!! The party went on for the whole weekend. It was surreal.

Recreating the Proposal at the Wedding

Fast forward 16 months, we’ve been living in Australia for 1 year and just had our wedding back home. The engagement weekend was the best weekend of my life, until our wedding. Vince’s proposal was so special to us, that my mom read his book aloud at our ceremony.

We also worked with 43Layers to make the most amazing cake topper. 43Layers, took the illustrated Vince and Katie, and helped us recreate it as a 3D wedding cake topper!

The process was easy, fun, and the cake topper was a huge hit at the wedding. Even better, we now have the cake topper figurine as a keepsake and reminder of his proposal and our wedding, the best days of our lives.

Vince is the most thoughtful, creative, and hilarious person I know…so while he may have set the bar too high…I can’t say I’m completely surprised that he was able to muster up something so amazing. I am one lucky lady. And now I have a little figurine keepsake of his proposal to always remember it by.

Special Thanks

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