Sean and Crystal | Marriage Proposal Song for "Baby Haze"

About 3 and half years ago I found myself in a major rut. I had recently returned from living in Australia for nearly a year and half; I was jobless and felt more alone than ever before. One of my best friends came over to the house one night when I was sulking in my room contemplating what garbage to watch on tv. After about 20 minutes of forceful convincing, he persuaded me to get dressed and join him at our friend’s place in Oakland for a Birthday Party. I was disgruntled and annoyed by the fact that I had to socialize with our friends. My outlook quickly changed when I stepped into the apartment and laid eyes on the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my existence. She had a drink in her hand as she laughed and chatted with a friend. Her long silky brown hair matched her beautiful hazel eyes (thus her soon-to-be nickname “Baby Haze”).

She had the most alluring smile I had ever witnessed and she seemed to be radiating positive vibes. Right then and there I was awestruck with this mystery woman and knew that she was exactly what I needed in my life. I remember feeling anxious and nervous, as the butterflies in my stomach seemed to lift me off the floor as I drifted over to start a conversation. The details of my first words to her have since disappeared; all I can remember was completely losing myself inside her glowing beauty and breathtaking smile.

As a group we headed to San Francisco for a night of drinking and dancing. All the other people on the dance floor seemed to blur out of sight as we held each close and began kissing in front of all of our mutual friends. I remember thinking, how have I never seen or heard of this rare beauty before? Later I would discover she actually had been to a party at my house in high school! Later that night we returned to the Oakland apartment and stayed up all night talking on a blanket on the hardwood floor in the dinging room. I told her I was leaving to live in Colorado for the winter in two weeks, I remember re-thinking my decision to move as I told her about my upcoming plans.

The next day I invited her to my house, but she didn’t want anything to do with guy who was about to hit the road to live in another state for an undetermined amount of time. I finally convinced her to hang out a few times before I left and we both knew we wanted to be with each other. The next 3 months were spent talking every single night over Skype. When I was back in the Bay Area for the Holidays, we went to Tahoe with some of our mutual friends. I got a little too drunk one night and asked her to be my girlfriend, she politely declined and said we could re-visit that notion when I was living in California again. So sure enough, I cut my Colorado stay short and moved back to San Jose. The rest is history, we’ve been madly in love ever since.

How I Asked: I performed the song I wrote for her in front of our friends and family before asking her to be my wife. I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my days with such an incredible woman; I truly am the luckiest man on the planet. Some say that true love only exists in the movies, well we’re writing our own real life film which features an undying love with no end in sight.

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