Chelsea and Aaron's Marriage Proposal on The Steve Harvey Show

how they asked: On a trip to Chicago, I thought my boyfriend was just taking me to see the Steve Harvey show as I have always wanted to go. The night before he proposed he surprised me by flying my mom into town. I thought it was so great  that we would be able to go to the show together!

Still not knowing what was happening behind the scenes, we arrive at the show the next day. We end up getting VIP behind set, and I’m thinking to myself ” wow, Aaron is really making all of this happen!” So, a few segments into the show, they take a break and Steve asks the audience if anyone has a question, and that’s when Aaron stood up……


I was shocked and had absolutely no idea what he was doing until he pulled me on stage and said ” I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.

Marriage Proposal on The Steve Harvey Show