Marriage Proposal on the Menu?

Hey gorgeous. Did you hear there’s marriage proposal on the menu? It’s unbelievable.

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How We Met: Given their own unique version of When Harry Met Sally, almost living in three different cities at the same exact times, they did not actually meet until early 2005 while both living in Los Angeles. Brett called Stacey’s then company looking for work and followed up by faxing his resume’ (yes, people used to fax back then). While talking over the phone, he noticed she had a southern accent and commented that he’d also lived in the South. They discussed various things they loved about the South and what recent jobs or people they knew in common. Brett continued to call the office to see if her boss was interested in buying a valuable guitar he was selling and to see if a job opening might have come available.

A couple months passed, and on April 16, 2005, Stacey went with a girlfriend to another friend’s birthday party held at The Well in Hollywood. They noticed two guys from across the bar obviously checking them out. Eventually, introductions were made, and they connected that not only had Stacey and Brett met over the phone regarding work on several occasions before, but she still had his resume’ in her files. Numbers were exchanged on paper napkins (personal ones this time!), and Brett called the next week for their first date, which was dinner at Casa Vega Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks. They began dating more seriously in the coming months.

When Stacey went back to reference Brett’s resume’ months later, she noticed that Brett’s address at the time of his initial fax transmittal was Morrison Street in North Hollywood – the exact street and just two blocks down from where she and her brother had moved no more than a couple weeks ago, though Brett had since moved to another area of town. They had nearly missed meeting each other again were it not for that one fateful night out!

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The Proposal Story: Stacey had relocated to Nashville in late 2009 after a job change, while Brett remained in Los Angeles, where they had met and dated for most of that time. While they always stayed in touch as friends, it must have taken living across the country to realize they couldn’t live without each another. They got back together with a vengeance in late 2011.

Brett flew to visit Stacey in Nashville prior to Christmas of that year, and Stacey flew to Las Vegas to join Brett and his family on a work trip in January.

It was quickly realized that a February trip, much less a visit around Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t happen this year. Brett was in the final stages of writing and recording music for a new TV show, and was pulling late hours in writing and recording sessions almost every day in L.A. during the first couple of weeks in February.

Stacey and three college girlfriends whom also lived in Nashville began to make plans for a girl’s night out on Valentine’s – almost in protest of the holiday, since even those of them that were dating weren’t able to spend time with their beaus. The girls coordinated via email, and one proposed a restaurant that she’d conveniently forgotten she had a $100 gift card to – Prime 108 steakhouse in historic Union Station Hotel downtown.

Via text messages that day, Brett apologized that he wasn’t able to call due to back-to-back recording sessions, and they vowed they wouldn’t be apart again on Valentine’s Day next year.

The girls carefully planned prissy outfits, and after pre-game cocktails at one of their homes, they headed for their 9 PM reservation.

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As the girls were seated, the hostess went around the table, placing menus and explaining the various prix fixe courses. “For hors d’ouvres, you have these choices…” yadda yadda. As she placed the last of the four menus in front of Stacey, she completed her script with… “For dessert, three of you have one option, and one of you has the option of this,” sliding the menu from its leather binder to reveal, just beneath the chocolate mousse trio at the bottom… “Stacey, will you marry me?”

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As she sat there completely dumbfounded, watching the hostess as she walked away to the left, Brett walked up from behind her, to her right, carrying roses and a ring box. Neither remembers exactly what was said at this point, but Brett looked nervous and Stacey’s face turned red, then wet with tears.

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What are you doing here?!

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After Brett popped the actual question, Stacey’s first replies were more about soaking up the shock of what had just happened (“How did you get here? I thought you were in a session in L.A.?”) to eventually, “Of COURSE I will marry you!”

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The girls, having been in on the proposal the whole time, had been taking photos and were misty-eyed too. They all celebrated a champagne toast together before departing to leave Stacey and Brett to enjoy a meal together.

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The couple were too excited to eat much though, and of course Stacey had a million questions about how such a fantastic surprise was pulled off. From the non-existent “gift card” that one of the girls concocted to get Stacey to this particular restaurant, to the matching font style and color of the proposal in the menu, every detail had been carefully planned and discussed between Brett and several other key players. Stacey loves surprises, and Brett pulled her surprise dream proposal off without a hitch.

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