Stephanie and Justin's Adorable Marriage Proposal on Mother's Day

How We Met: When I entered my twenties, I wasn’t sure love was in my future. I definitely didn’t think marriage was and (lying to myself or not) I was very content with the thought of is just being me. Best laid plans right?

Justin and I soon met at a Christmas party (I was 23, he a very fresh 21) and I couldn’t have been more uninterested. To be fair, he says the same. He said I was pretty, I said he was cute, we both concurred that looks alone don’t make compatibility and entered the friend zone. Our friends spent their time trying to talk us into taking our flirty behavior on an actual date and I soon realized that Justin’s someone who you can’t not love. He’s funny, so sweet, and really handsome … what was there to lose?

Best date and decision of my life. The rest really is history. We went from that date quickly to our second followed soon after by apartment hunting. Could it be? Was I in love? Like really, really in love? With a 21 year old? No way. But I was. I was head over heels in love with that goofy 21 year old who reminded me life was fun, laughter really was the best medicine, and being alone wasn’t nearly as fun as being with the right person.

how they asked: On Mother’s Day 2015, nearly 8 years after it began, my love story added its most beautiful moment yet. I was spoiled accordingly, being Mother’s Day, and had a wonderful morning with my little family. I thought nothing of an after lunch trip to our favorite park so our four year old twin girls could play. Justin quickly suggested a walk through the wooded trails that surround the park (like he had a hundred times before) and the girls and I happily obliged. Hello Mother’s Day photo opp.

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Halfway through our walk he “needed a minute to finish giving me my gifts”, took my reasons for celebrating Mother’s Day and walked down the trail out of sight. Left alone and confused in the middle of the woods I waited patiently — scratch that anxiously –because I knew whatever was coming was going to be good. I just had no idea how good!

When I turned around Adlee and Brielle were standing in front of me with different shirts on. What in the world? In between the fistfuls of rose petals they were excitedly launching at my face I could read their new shirts. Happy Mother’s Day. How adorable!

Justin asked them to turn around revealing Will You Marry Our Dad? on the back of those cute little hand made shirts and dropped to one knee. The girls squealed with excitement. Justin spoke of our life and our love and how it was time to “officially” be a family, something we’ve “unofficially” been for a very long time. I cried, an emotion far from normal for me but so fitting and necessary for such a beautiful moment. It was perfect. The four of us alone celebrating our love.

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We returned to our house just a few blocks away that was filled with family. My best friends I was excitedly telling? Already knew and were anxiously awaiting my phone call to tell them everything. He had everyone waiting to celebrate with us. I told you he was hard not to love!

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After a lot of years, a house in the suburbs, and twin girls we are one step closer to officially being the Millers.